RoadWing Mud Flap-Motorhome 91-102
Width 26.0 in.
Height 6.0 in.
Depth 47.0 in.
Weight 70.0 lbs.
Manufacturer ROADMASTER
Manufacturer Part 4400-102

RoadWing Mud Flap-Motorhome 91-102

SKU: 03-0434
MSRP: $470.03

RoadWings anti-sail design keeps the mud flaps down, where they can stay on the job double-bolt attachment points hold the system in place, as well as level on the bevel, and grooved interior channels deflect rocks, gravel and road debris down and away from your towed vehicle or trailer. The RoadWing slides over your ball mount or tow bar stinger, and is easily attached with set bolts, or just as easily detached. The 24" x 24" flaps can be trimmed to fit nearly any vehicle. The five models below fit all vehicles, from full-size trucks to buses, motorhomes and trucks with dual tires. Expandable from 91 inches to 102 inches for buses, motorhomes and trucks with dual tires.