RV Battery Watering Stystem
Width 9.8 in.
Height 2.2 in.
Depth 10.9 in.
Weight 1.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part RV-2000

RV Battery Watering Stystem

SKU: 19-0702
MSRP: $63.68

Requires Hand Pump Filler (19-0703) not included - order separately

Fills up to six batteries in seconds from a single fill point. Fits all 6V lead acid batteries with standard 3-cell spacing.

Eliminates need to remove vent covers to fill. Automatically sends water to low cells only.

Installs in minutes, no tools required. Safer and more accurate than conventional filling.

Improves battery life and performance. Hard to reach batteries are as simple to fill as batteries on a workbench.

Several batteries can be connected and filled at the same time. Automatic shut-off prevents over or under watering.

Simple hand pump operation. Fill from any point above, at or below battery water level.

Use with any distilled water container. Quick disconnect feature allows supply to be attached in a snap.

No need to remove vent covers.