SensarPro TV Signal Meter White
Width 9.5 in.
Height 6.5 in.
Depth 7.5 in.
Weight 5.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part RFL-342

SensarPro TV Signal Meter White

SKU: 24-2108
MSRP: $79.19

The SensarPro TV Signal Meter is a high grade digital tunner featuring precise aiming, audio feedback, adjustable amplifier and scan, seek and channel modes. SCAN/SEEK/CHANNEL MODE: Displays signal strength of channels found with your off-air antenna and allows you to peak in signals prior to channel scan on your TV. ADJUSTABLE AMPLIFIER: Provides up to 10dB of gain for increased performance and ability to lower gain in close range areas. AUDIO FEEDBACK: Great for when the wall plate is out of sight or out of reach, adjustable volume. PRECISE AIMING: 100 point scale vs 4-5 lighted bars. HIGH-GRADE DIGITAL TUNER: Focuses only on US digital broadcast frequencies-channels 2-51. Does not confuse non-TV broadcast signals such as cell phone towers and wireless. Locates any channel that your television can receive.