Sikasil N Plus Sealant Aluminum Gray
Width 2.0 in.
Height 11.5 in.
Depth 2.0 in.
Weight 1.0 lbs.
Manufacturer AP PRODUCTS
Manufacturer Part 017-415697

Sikasil N Plus Sealant Aluminum Gray

SKU: 13-1351
MSRP: $9.33

Sikasil N-Plus Sikasil-N Plus US is a general purpose, neutral cure silicone sealant used for interior and exterior applications. It delivers excellent adhesion to most substrates without surface treatments. Sikasil N-Plus is highly UV resistant with excellent weather stability and is mold and mildew resistant. Sikasil N-Plus offers excellent sealing joint flexibility for dynamic moving parts. Elongation of 430%, 300 psi tensile strength and 30 minute tack free time.