Slide-Out Rubber Seal 11-3/4 oz.
Width 2.5 in.
Height 7.75 in.
Depth 2.5 in.
Weight 1.6 lbs.
Manufacturer THETFORD CORP.DEPT 77891
Manufacturer Part 40015

Slide-Out Rubber Seal 11-3/4 oz.

SKU: 13-0424
MSRP: $15.36

Treatment is non-oily and conditions the seals to make future cleaning easier and quicker. The rich foam application clings to the surface eliminating messy runs and drips and is compatible with all rubber seals as well as their adjacent surfaces such as fiberglass, aluminum and vinyl. NEW BIGGER CAN - 36% MORE PRODUCT Extends Seal Life

Reduces Wear UV Protection for Slide-Out Rubber Seal

12.5 OUNCE