Smooth-Bor Hose 3" x 10'
Width 23.0 in.
Height 7.0 in.
Depth 23.0 in.
Weight 2.7 lbs.
Manufacturer Part C-2

Smooth-Bor Hose 3" x 10'

SKU: 11-0166
MSRP: $24.95

The elimination of wire from our all plastic design makes the Smooth-Bor sewer hose crush and corrosion resistant. Very light and flexible. Designed with a smooth interior to insure easy cleaning and easy flow of waste matter. Easy installation with Smooth-Bor patented end fittings. This also facilitates the joining of two sewer hoses. Standard colors are black for style C-1 (standard duty) and green for style C-2 (heavy duty). 3" X 10' HEAVY DUTY HOSE Smooth-Bor is a registered trademark of Steward Plastics, Inc.