Soft Ascent SideVisor 36"
Width 4.0 in.
Height 4.0 in.
Depth 46.0 in.
Weight 4.16 lbs.
Manufacturer Part ZC036ZD36-RP

Soft Ascent SideVisor 36"

SKU: 69-8621
MSRP: $119.46

Easy to use – no pull strings! Simply pull the Soft Ascent SideVisor™ down to any setting. To retract the visor, pull down and the visor gently retracts into a painted black aluminum case. Now the driver can lower and raise the visor with one hand while driving! 100% opaque fabric on the top 18" and 100% visibility solar screen on the bottom 18". 36" drop for maximum shade.

Installation tips: Soft Ascent SideVisor™ width specifies total overall width of the visor. Requires a flat, unobstructed installation area that is a minimum of 2" high, 2" deep, and as wide as the overall width of the shade being ordered. Roller brackets may be mounted to wall or overhead.