SPF 2000 Super Protectant 32 oz.
Width 4.75 in.
Height 11.13 in.
Depth 2.63 in.
Weight 2.5 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 30032

SPF 2000 Super Protectant 32 oz.

SKU: 13-0520
MSRP: $12.32

SPF 2000 Super Protectant is a special blend of new chemical technology combining the latest protective and conditioning agents in one product. Test after test show that SPF 2000 provides the maximum protection against the sun and UV damage. This product will prolong the useful life and provide protection against color fading, cracking, dry rot, chalking and sun damage. Provides a protective shield that forms a barrier between the surface and harmful UV rays. This shield will condition the surface giving it a "like new Look" and provide protection for up to 5 weeks. Repels dirt and dust so cleaning is not needed. 32 OUNCE