Staytion Laundry Hamper
Width 8.0 in.
Height 3.0 in.
Depth 15.0 in.
Weight 1.0 lbs.
Manufacturer THETFORD CORP.DEPT 77891
Manufacturer Part 36760

Staytion Laundry Hamper

SKU: 03-1040
MSRP: $12.41

Saves spaces and keeps rooms neat--perfect for the road! Removable hamper clips in place. Great for laundry and other essentials. Suction sticks to any smooth non-porous surface. No adhesives or screws needed. Strong holding power up to 20 pounds. Simple to use. Patented "Red Line" warning system: if the Staytion begins to lose suction, you will know in advance before anything falls. Simply push the button and it's secure!