Steering Control Model 41-140
Width 36.7 in.
Height 4.3 in.
Depth 4.3 in.
Weight 18.9 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 41-140

Steering Control Model 41-140

SKU: 15-2210
MSRP: $694.88

Steering Control - Dodge M-300 thru 600 Steering Control - Ford F-53 30 ft. and under 89-99 Steering Control - Ford Super Duty round axle with leaf springs Steering Control - Ford F-550 with round axle Steering Control - Ford Super Duty round axle with leaf springs Safe T Plus enhances vehicle handling by providing positive center point tracking, thereby greatly reducing steering adjustments due to road wander, rut tracking, wind drift, etc. Safe T Plus improves driver control by controlling rapid, unnecessary or unexpected steering movements which result from external forces, such as steering tire blowouts, chuck holes and pavement drop. Safe T Plus is the state-of-art for steering control! We use an internationally patented design consisting of both mechanical and hydraulic components, which together provide a true "positive center pointS with retarded rapid movement for steering. It is this unique design which results in Safe T Plus superior safety and road handling capabilities for all types of vehicles. Safe T Plus is easy to install. The unit simply bolts onto the tie-rod and chassis. There are no welds to make and normally no holes to drill. Safe T Plus comes with a two year 100% workmanship and materials warranty. NoteI STP Unit & Mounting Kit must be ordered separately. Additional U-Bolt kits are also available. STP Unit and Mounting Bracket kit make a complete set.