Steering Damper Ford Chassis
Width 26.8 in.
Height 2.95 in.
Depth 2.95 in.
Weight 3.09 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 24-067355

Steering Damper Ford Chassis

SKU: 94-9611
MSRP: $185.06

Get the advanced technology of Bilstein® Gas Pressure Shock Absorbers in a steering stabilizer specifically developed for your motorhome chassis. By applying the patented high pressure gas monotube design to steering stabilizers, Bilstein has eliminated the problems that are commonly associated with conventional stabilizers. Conventional steering stabilizers utilize a twin tube design. As the working piston moves through the oil it cavitates and aeration (foaming) occurs. When this happens, the damping force fades and stabilizer performance is reduced. Also, many twin tube stabilizers do not function efficiently when mounted horizontally. In this position, the valving may be exposed to trapped air causing the stabilizer to react slowly and inconsistently. Features a high pressure nitrogen chamber that forces the dividing piston to exert constant pressure on the oil. This prevents foaming and enables it to instantly react to driver input and dampen changing road conditions. Direct Factory Replacement. Improves vehicle stability, safety and control. Greatly reduces road wander, steering vibration and driver fatigue. Increases safety from blowouts, sidewinds and potholes. Reduces wear on steering components. Dissipates heat more quickly for longer life. Larger working piston provides greater control. Valved specifically for each application to deliver uncompromising dependability. Proven to maintain over 95% effectiveness even after 100,000 miles of use. Lifetime Warranty. Utilizing the latest design and manufacturing processes, Bilstein steering stabilizers are the finest and most dependable steering stabilizers you can buy. Fits Ford chassis. Early Ford motorhome chassis may require mounting bracket (96-0075), sold separately.