Steering Stabilizer - All Class "C" Chassis
Width 4.0 in.
Height 4.0 in.
Depth 30.0 in.
Weight 6.0 lbs.
Manufacturer ROADMASTER
Manufacturer Part RSSC

Steering Stabilizer - All Class "C" Chassis

SKU: 15-2630
MSRP: $279.75

Class C Steering Stabilizer Tired of fighting crosswinds and bad roads? Then, cushion you and your RV from high velocity impacts from blow-outs, potholes and more with the Reflex Steering Stabilizer. This return-to-center stabilizer helps keep your RV steering straight in emergencies and helps make driving comfortable. Easy, bolt-on installation. No drilling required.
Reflex Steering Stabilizers have a tempered steel spring secured at both ends to a specially designed and valved steering damper. One end is attached to the tie rod itself; the other end is securely fastened to the chassis undercarriage. When the steering stabilizer is compressed, the spring pushes back to the neutral position. When it is extended, the spring pulls back to the neutral position.