Stove Top Cover White
Width 4.13 in.
Height 11.0 in.
Depth 24.0 in.
Weight 6.96 lbs.
Manufacturer CAMCO MANUF. CO.
Manufacturer Part 43557

Stove Top Cover White

SKU: 07-0292
MSRP: $71.61

Protect your burners and create extra counter space with these 20 gauge steel Stove Top Covers. Flip up one side to use two burners or fold and store it away compactly when you need all four burners. Made in the USA. Universal Stove Top Covers fit: 22 1/4" W x 10 3/8" D x 2 3/4" H. (inside dimensions). Fits most 3 and 4 burner stoves. White color.