Strait-Line 600 Trunnion Bar with Hitch Bar
Width 7.38 in.
Height 33.0 in.
Depth 9.25 in.
Weight 90.3 lbs.
Manufacturer CEQUENT/REESE
Manufacturer Part 66082

Strait-Line 600 Trunnion Bar with Hitch Bar

SKU: 69-9690
MSRP: $836.79

This is the ultimate hitch in detail and design. No other hitch gives the driver the control this one does at a reasonable price. The Straight-Line Hitch consist of our patented Dual Cam High-Performance Sway Control and our High Performance Weight Distributing System in one easy-to-install package. The Strait-Line Hitch was given this name as its pro-active design literally forces the trailer to stay in a straight line behind the tow vehicle. Sway is controlled by the Dual Cam High-Performance System. The stronger the sway force, the more the Dual Cam System works to stop it. The Strait-Line Hitch combines weight distributing with the best proven pro-active sway control system available in a newly-designed, easy-to-install kit. Limited lifetime warranty.