Sturgi-Safe Steak Saving Adapter
Width 6.5 in.
Height 1.0 in.
Depth 6.5 in.
Weight 1.0 lbs.
Manufacturer MB STURGIS INC
Manufacturer Part 204132

Sturgi-Safe Steak Saving Adapter

SKU: 66-7055
MSRP: $26.81

Don't waste dinner just because your propane cylinder ran out of gas. This Male Type 1 X Female #600 propane adapter allows you to quickly switch from your 20# refillable exchange cylinder to a stand-by 1# throwaway cylinder. Simply detach your BBQ Grill black knob tank connection from the 20# refillable propane cylinder and finish grilling by attaching the Black Type 1 to the Male Type 1 outlet side and a 1# disposable bottle to the Female #600 inlet side of this handy adapter.