Surge Guard Plus w/ ATS 120-240V/50A 60 Hz
Width 9.0 in.
Height 6.0 in.
Depth 15.0 in.
Weight 14.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 40250

Surge Guard Plus w/ ATS 120-240V/50A 60 Hz

SKU: 69-7642
MSRP: $916.46

Total electrical protection from faulty park power for your RV. Easy to read, two-line plain English backlit LCD remote display provides visual indication of source voltage, load current, or diagnostics. Protects from multi-mode surge suppression (fuse protected), low (<102V) and high (>132V) voltage, incorrectly wired pedestal and open neutral conditions. Integrated Automatic Transfer Switch transfers to generator power automatically when energized. When both shore power and generator power are available, generator dominates after a 30 second delay. Once the generator is shut down, shore power activates after a 2 second delay. Features oversize contactors (60FLA/75A Resistive). UL Approved ATS – full transfer switch rating (not general control). Offers 3350 joules of surge protection. UL Listed.