Switch Auto Transfer 100A
Width 14.0 in.
Height 14.0 in.
Depth 14.0 in.
Weight 36.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part LPT100

Switch Auto Transfer 100A

SKU: 95-8787
MSRP: $891.78

Heavy-duty relay assembly will handle 100A shoreline/utility power and up to a 24KW generator. 120-240V AC, 100A per pole. Transfers two hot poles and neutral simultaneously. 22-30 second nominal time delay allows generator to get up to speed, time delay can be switched off for instant switching. Heavy-duty terminal blocks for easy wiring. Shore power pass-through utilizes a micro switch on the neutral relay to ensure neutral lines are engaged before hot lines. DC coiled relays reduce hum and terminal blocks simplify wire connections. Quick, easy installation.