Taillight Wiring Kit w/ Bulbs
Width 16.0 in.
Height 10.0 in.
Depth 27.0 in.
Weight 2.5 lbs.
Manufacturer ROADMASTER
Manufacturer Part 155

Taillight Wiring Kit w/ Bulbs

SKU: 17-0368
MSRP: $84.71

A self-contained wiring system that replaces your towed car's turn signals, running lights and brake lights with a set of independent plugs and sockets mounted inside the taillights. Wiring is routed underneath the car, to a socket mounted to the grille or fascia. Since the towed vehicle's electrical system is bypassed, this kit eliminates the concern of voiding the vehicle manufacturer's warranty. NOTE: The towed vehicle's taillight must have room for an extra socket and bulb inside the lens housing.