TigerTrak #TT2308
Width 9.0 in.
Height 6.6 in.
Depth 38.5 in.
Weight 28.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part TT2308

TigerTrak #TT2308

SKU: 14-5325
MSRP: $813.87

Thru 2011, Chevrolet C-class G series rear bar kit The Blue Ox TigerTrak eliminates axle side shift in relation to the frame on the coach. This shift gives the sensation of movement, which the driver then tries to correct by turning the steering wheel. More times than not, this results in over steering that in actuality amplifies the situation. The springs of gas motorhomes often sway from side to side, such as when passing a large vehicle. This is especially true of late model coaches with long parabolic springs and an extended rear overhang. Situated between the axle and the frame, TigerTrak allows unhindered up and down movement of the springs while virtually eliminating tail wag. So you will find your coach easier to drive and the ride more enjoyable for everyone. All Blue Ox TigerTrak track bars come with a three year warranty. Stabilize your motorhome

Designed to keep axles in line with the frame Controls side to side shifting

Constructed of high strength alloy steel * Easy installation, no drilling needed