TrailAir King Pin Box for Lippert 1116
Width 14.0 in.
Height 15.5 in.
Depth 40.75 in.
Weight 184.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 35-946207

TrailAir King Pin Box for Lippert 1116

SKU: 69-9988
MSRP: $1,393.67

Lose the bumps, chucks and jars. By adding an air bag at the hitch connection, you, your towing vehicle and the coach enjoy smooth, stable towing performance. The TrailAir ® coupler's unique scissor action design acts as a buffer, cushioning the hitch area, protecting your 5th wheel trailer. The air bag absorbs the road shock. Upgrade to the TrailAir® Pin Box for an improved ride for your truck and your family, your coach and all the things that ride inside.