Trailer Coupler Latch Lock-3-3/8"
Width 21.0 in.
Height 7.0 in.
Depth 18.0 in.
Weight 42.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part RC5

Trailer Coupler Latch Lock-3-3/8"

SKU: 20-0446
MSRP: $19.85

Surge Brake Coupler Lock for coupler requiring 3-3/8" opening. Only lock for surge brake style couplers. Available for surge brake couplers requiring a quarter inch pin and a tow and a half inch opening or 3-3/8 inch opening. All DeadBolt locks utilize hi-tech materials and state of the art engineering to bring the ultimate in performance, valve and style. All Weather Grips for easier handling in cold, wet, or high temperature weather

Weatherproof lock cylinder for trouble free use Strong, reversible automotive style key is easy to insert and remove . . .even with gloves on. Fits comfortably on your key ring.

Double chrome plate provides automotive grade durability and corrosion resistance Strong, tough one piece machined carbon steel pin

Non-skid grips provides comfortable grip even in cold, wet weather Patented screw and lock security. Rugged, pick proof threaded connection that would not false lock

Keyed alike. No problem. Two keys covered under US patents 4,711,106 and 5,284,038.