Trekker WD Hitch w/ Progressive Sway Control 1000
Width 8.5 in.
Height 9.5 in.
Depth 36.5 in.
Weight 110.0 lbs.
Manufacturer CAMCO MANUF. CO.
Manufacturer Part 48703

Trekker WD Hitch w/ Progressive Sway Control 1000

SKU: 14-0572
MSRP: $747.35

1,000 lb. Eaz-Lifts Trekker is the perfect combination of premium weight distribution and integrated sway control in an easy to install hitch. Trekker utilizes progressive sway technology which goes above and beyond that of the competitorsU weight distribution hitches. When towing and challenged with wind gusts and passing trucks, the Trekker reacts and increases resistance as needed! During sharp turns and maneuvering, when sway control is unnecessary, the Trekker disengages sway control completely for improved handling. When towing in dangerous conditions, such as slippery or icy roads, sway control is unwanted. Trekkers easy on/off sway control makes it a breeze to manually disengage. This feature also comes in handy when hooking-up and unhooking. Progressive sway resistance, noise suppressed, distribution bars are easy to move into place and turns off quickly for dangerous road conditions.