Tri-Lynx Solar Powered LED Porch Light
Width 5.51 in.
Height 4.0 in.
Depth 7.87 in.
Weight 2.0 lbs.
Manufacturer TRI-LYNX CORP
Manufacturer Part 00028

Tri-Lynx Solar Powered LED Porch Light

SKU: 18-0857
MSRP: $24.18

This reliable exterior light with motion and dawn/dusk sensors uses eco-friendly solar power and 6 bright LEDs to light up entrances, stairs and more. Installs easily using supplied screws or velcro. Features mono-crystal solar panel, rechargeable battery, moisture-proof exterior, on/off power switch that activates dawn/dusk/motion sensor. Sensor time: 25-30 seconds. Sensor distance: 6 - 9 feet. Angle: 90 - 110 degrees. 4.9(TM) x 2.5(TM) x 2.25(TM).