Ventline or Elixir Replacement Lid White
Width 16.75 in.
Height 18.0 in.
Depth 1.5 in.
Weight 1.1 lbs.
Manufacturer Part 90110-C1

Ventline or Elixir Replacement Lid White

SKU: 22-0160
MSRP: $14.87

The Universal Vents are designed for ease of installation with a wider metal base and wider inside flange to cover the holes from the OEM vent and assure a leakproof replacement seal. Advanced engineering concept assures a firm, rainproof seal when the cover is closed. Tested and improved over the years, these vents are an exceptional value. All vents are supplied with a standard 2-1/8" garnish. A 3" garnish is available. The Universal Style vents have a hinge that is interchangeable with the Ventline brand vents making it truly Universal. Replacement Lid with Crossbar (Bagged) - White.