VisionStat Digital Wireless System Rearview Mirror
Width 7.75 in.
Height 4.0 in.
Depth 13.5 in.
Weight 5.5 lbs.
Manufacturer Part MABCKS4.3RVM-1

VisionStat Digital Wireless System Rearview Mirror

SKU: 69-6484
MSRP: $637.01

VisionStat Digital Wireless technology helps reduce the issues associated with systems requiring wiring. With typical analog systems, the signal is transmitted through the air to a tuned frequency used by many consumer electronics, leading to interference from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With Digital Wireless systems, cameras are ‘paired’ to a channel on the monitor, eliminating the sharing of frequencies and giving a clear picture at long distances. The 4.6" rearview mirror digital wireless monitor system supports up to two digital wireless cameras, supports PAL and NTSC video formats, features night vision cameras, built-in speaker, operates from 10-32VDC and includes one 12IR LED night vision camera, wiring harness, window mount and built-in antenna. Resolution: 480x272. Power consumption: 6W. 3 year warranty.