Wave 8 Catalytic Safety Heater
Width 17.4 in.
Height 23.5 in.
Depth 5.9 in.
Weight 17.3 lbs.
Manufacturer CAMCO MANUF. CO.
Manufacturer Part 57351

Wave 8 Catalytic Safety Heater

SKU: 08-0137
MSRP: $554.66

The top of the Olympian line, the Wave-8 is fully adjustable from 4200 to 7600 BTUs, enough heat to comfortably warm a 23' trailer, motorhome or RV. The Wave-8 can be made portable with optional leg stands, recessed with the optional recess kit, or hung on the wall, horizontally or vertically. Weighing only 14 lbs., the Wave-8 comes with a full 3-year guarantee, piezo electric starter and 100% safety shut-off valve. The Wave-8 is designed to give its owner years of safe, economical heat. 21-1/4"H x 15"W x 4"D.