WF-8900 Series Power Center 75A Brown
Width 13.88 in.
Height 11.63 in.
Depth 9.0 in.
Weight 10.0 lbs.
Manufacturer CHENG USA, INC
Manufacturer Part WF-8975AN-P

WF-8900 Series Power Center 75A Brown

SKU: 19-0588
MSRP: $361.08

Get clean power even without filtering from a battery. Automatic three-stage charging provides superior 12V system performance through 11 branch DC circuits, up to five branch AC circuits, ideal charge and maintenance of your battery. Provides quiet and reliable operation. Output: absorption 13.6V DC range (includes charging and load); bulk 14.4V DC range; float 13.2V DC range. UL, CUL listed. FCC Class B.