White Elastomeric Roof Coating 1 Gallon
Width 7.25 in.
Height 8.0 in.
Depth 7.25 in.
Weight 11.5 lbs.
Manufacturer KST COATINGS, LLC
Manufacturer Part 63-600-1

White Elastomeric Roof Coating 1 Gallon

SKU: 13-0705
MSRP: $42.59

Forms a thick, rubber-like blanket of protection that expands and contracts with roofs. Superior reflectivity lowers interior temperatures and saves electricity, Kool Seal White Elastomeric Roof Coating adheres well on asphalt, pre-painted metal, most any surface. Easy to apply, requires no mixing. Cleans-up with soap and water while wet. Safe...contains no solvents or hazardous chemicals. U.L. Approved Class A Fire Rating. Covers 75-100 sq. ft. per gallon. Not for EPDM roofs. 10 year warranty. 1 GALLON