Whole Vehicle Filtration System
Width 4.5 in.
Height 12.0 in.
Depth 8.25 in.
Weight 4.25 lbs.
Manufacturer CUNO-A 3M COMPANY
Manufacturer Part 5616207

Whole Vehicle Filtration System

SKU: 10-0513
MSRP: $276.42

DVANCED - 7,500 GALLONS: WV-B2: Protection for all tank and RV Park water. 99.99% reduction of common water-borne bacteria1, mold spores2, algae2, and parasitic protozoan cysts3. Reduces chlorine taste & odor. Plus dirt, rust, sand, & silt. 7,500 gallons. Flow rate exceeds 2.5 GPM with minimal pressure drop. Tubing and fittings included. NSF Certified.