Window or Side Vehicle Mount for Carryout/Pathway
Width 13.38 in.
Height 2.65 in.
Depth 10.75 in.
Weight 0.0 lbs.
Manufacturer Part MT-SM30

Window or Side Vehicle Mount for Carryout/Pathway

SKU: 24-0203
MSRP: $111.98

Temporary window mount provides the ability to quickly raise, position, and secure the satellite TV antenna off the ground for unobstructed reception. Compatible with Carryout G2 and Pathway X1 portable antennas, the mount quickly clips onto the window or side of the RV, truck, or other vehicle. For temporary use only while the vehicle is parked. Dual bumper leveling provides multi-point stability. Mount base measures 5.75(TM) x 10.25(TM), weighing 2 lbs, while adjustable vertical arm is 13.35" tall with settings every 1.5". Includes window mount assembly, hardware bag, 2 plastic window guards, and 2 exterior mount brackets which provide additional mounting locations for optimal high look angle placement and further reduce the chance for theft or damage. Designed and manufactured in the USA.