All-American Road Trip

All-American Road Trip

When you’re driving around town and spot a lot with new RVs for sale or used campers for sale, do you wish you could pull over, buy one, and hit the road for an all-American road trip? Imagine driving highways and back roads, pulling off into small towns to visit a mom and pop café and taking in scenery and tourist sites at your leisure. Lightweight travel trailers and RVs make the trip comfortable and more flexible than making hotel reservations that require arrival on certain days and times. On your road trip, you’d experience the comfort of your vehicle, the splendor of the sites, and the feeling of freedom.

You can buy **used travel trailers** or **used RVs for sale** for a good price that will serve your purpose as well as a new one. You can put your personal touches on it, or leave it as is. Make your trailer or RV comfortable and stock it with items you’ll need during your trip, keeping in mind the available storage. Then, gas up and you’re ready to go. Where will your adventure begin, and where will it lead?

Eastern U.S. Journeys

Do you live in the northeast U.S.? Have you always wanted to see the beauty of New England? In the summer, a New England road trip boasts scenic landscapes with lush green grass and pretty flora. You can pick blueberries in Maine to visit historic sites there and in Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Don’t forget the Boston Tea Party and all the historical sites in Massachusetts! In fall, the display of fall colors throughout New England make a road trip a must, at least once in a lifetime.

rvs for sale For a different experience than your New England journey, try the Appalachian Mountains. The mountains once formed a barrier for early settlers traveling east to west. The ancient mountains hold a mystique to many, and, to others, a trail to conquer by hiking. Blue Ridge Parkway provides a popular accessible driving route through 500 mountain miles in the U.S. southeast. With campgrounds with RV sites available along the parkway, you can spend a few days on your journey, or as many days as you’d like. If you want to explore and to view nature at it’s finest, a warm-weather trip is recommended. Some sections of the Blue Ridge Parkway gets busy in summer, though, so take your patient driving practices with you.

Do you enjoy the southeastern part of the country? For a relaxing journey, try a road trip down the southeastern coast from Virginia through South Carolina and into Georgia. Coastal highlights include Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach and Savannah. Enjoy seafood dining until you’ve had your fill. You’ll have fun in the sun, experience the power and beauty of the ocean, and end your trip with a charming southern experience like no other.

travel trailers for sale If you’re itching to go all the way south, your road trip plans should include traveling along US 1 in the Florida Keys from Key Largo to Key West. Open water and open sky will surround you on your journey. You might stop off for a great fishing expedition or continuing driving over the many scenic bridges until you can go no further by vehicle! If you see used travel trailers for sale, you might stop to purchase one soon so that you can plan this amazing road trip.

Still in the south and traveling further west finds you in the Gulf Coast region, including the ever-popular New Orleans. The U.S Gulf Coast extends from Florida to Texas, presenting an opportunity for a long journey if that’s what you’re after. You’ll find beautiful beaches in Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. New Orleans offers a great variety of entertainment in and beyond the French Quarter. If you really want a long journey, head for Texas and Galveston Beach. In Texas, you can go as far south as Brownsville before you’d be leaving the country.

Midwestern Expeditions

new rvs for sale You can start the next road trip in Chicago or begin in Upper Peninsula of Michigan. If you’re traveling the Great Lakes region and you’re a watersports lover, you won’t be sorry either way. In some locations, you can surf! The Great Lakes may not be the ocean, but they contain beaches and beauty just the same. You can travel on the American side of the Upper Peninsula and make a loop down to Chicago and back again. If you live in Michigan and travel north to south, don’t forget to enjoy the big city attractions of Chi-Town.

One of the most famous road trips in the U.S. starts in Chicago: traveling Route 66. Talk about iconic Americana – Route 66 makes a perfect road destination RV or camper trip. In between and near all of the famous Route 66 stops, many campgrounds and state parks exist. If you want to go to the U-Drop Inn Café in Texas, stand on the corner in Winslow Arizona, or stay at the Wigwam Motel in California, you can access all these places from Route 66. There are many more stops along the way. If you’re driving the whole way, it’s a long journey of nearly 2,500 miles, so be prepared.

Wild West Treks

One of the most visited places in the U.S. is Grand Canyon National Park, and for good reason. Grand Canyon evokes awe in the hearts and minds of guests. Yet, it’s not the only highlight of a southwest journey. In an RV or travel trailer, you’ll enjoy staying in and visiting many beautiful and “awe-some” places during a southwest desert road trip: Carlsbad Caverns, Zion National Park, Santa Fe, Taos, and Bryce Canyon, to name a few. Look up their locations and map out your very scenic driving route.

Speaking of national parks, we can’t forget to recommend adventures that could start by buying RVs for sale in Denver and ending in nature’s bliss: driving to Rocky Mountain National Park and trekking over 1700 miles to two parks in close proximity, Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Could there be a trip with more majestic natural beauty? Possibly not. You can see snow-capped mountains, watch wildlife in untouched habitats, and hike incredible trails until your heart is content. Your RV will get you there, and all you have to do is choose your stops and enjoy the view along the way!

Are you in Utah, or do you plan to travel through the state? If so, don’t miss out on the road trip on Scenic Byway 12. The views created by the terrain, including amazing slickrock vistas, will make you want to stay a while. Fortunately, the area boasts a state park and Capitol Reef National Park, which holds a campground. You may not want to plan to visit during mid-summer where the heat can be extreme.

For breathtaking coastal views, it’s hard to beat driving the Big Sur Coastal Highway in California. The scenery is jaw dropping. As you come around a bend, there it is, the Pacific Ocean in all its glory! When you think oceans, you think beaches. This U.S. road trip won’t disappoint. Think about all the little sea towns along the way to stop and explore with their shops and restaurants and ocean tours such as whale watching or dolphin viewing and adventurous pursuits including surfing and kayaking. The whole family will love this trip, and you’ll find RV parks and campgrounds along the way.

Heading a bit northwest in Portland, you can pick up the Columbia River Highway and drive a long stretch next to the Columbia River Gorge. Do you like waterfalls? If you answered, “Yes,” then this is a great road trip for you. Enjoy the scenery while you drive, and then venture out to take a walk to a waterfall or to ride a mountain bike through the trails. This national scenic area includes RV parks and campgrounds that are waiting for your visit. If you haven’t had enough of Oregon’s beauty on the Columbia River Highway journey, the Hells Canyon area is less than 500 miles away, and its scenic byway provides more incredible photo opportunities to stop and enjoy. While you’re in the state, why not make the trip?

Let Life Take You on the Road

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of life hold you back from the all-American road trip of a lifetime. You may want to make it a habit, or even a long-term lifestyle filled with as much adventure and as much relaxation as you want. Next time you drive by an RV dealership or travel trailers for sale, put your turn signal on and head off the road into the sales lot to begin your journey.