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10 Unforgettable RV Camp Spots In Ohio

Packing up the RV and hitting the road for an epic camping trip is one of life’s great pleasures. If you’re taking your trip in Ohio, you’ll want to know the best camping spots to enjoy in your used or lightweight travel trailer.

All-American Road Trip

When you’re driving around town and spot a lot with new RVs for sale or used campers for sale, do you wish you could pull over, buy one, and hit the road for an all-American road trip? Imagine driving highways and back roads, pulling off into small towns to visit a mom and pop café and taking in scenery and tourist sites at your leisure. Lightweight travel trailers and RVs make the trip comfortable and more flexible than making hotel reservations that require arrival on certain days and times. On your road trip, you’d experience the comfort of your vehicle, the splendor of the sites, and the feeling of freedom.

Beach Camping 101

With the summer upon us and the coronavirus restrictions gradually easing up, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for some sea and sand. Crowds of people, overjoyed to be free after long weeks of lockdown, will soon be flocking to beaches all over the country, thirsty for the open space and feeling of freedom the seaside offers. With the current economic upheavals, many people who would previously have been able to afford a fancy vacation will be re-examining their budget for more affordable – and more flexible – options, such as tent and RV camping.

Forest River Toy Haulers

Forest River is an RV company, whose headquarters is in Elkhart, Indiana, the heart of the RV Country. Forest River is owned by Berkshire Hathaway and makes the XLR Toy Haulers, the PUMA, Puma Ultra Lite and Puma XLE toy haulers. The Rockwood Geo Pro Toy Haulers, Wildwood FSX toy hauler travel trailers by forest river. XLR toy haulers are produced using the highest quality materials and only the finest manufacturing techniques. RVWholesalers has been proudly offering the XLR line of toy haulers from Forest River for over a decade. We find them the best toy haulers in the rv nation.

America Is A RV Nation

America has always loved RVs. Heading out for an adventure on the open road, stopping anywhere, exploring, dreaming. RVs are a part of America’s pastime. Yet, the popularity of RVs has never been stronger than it is right now. In a sense, America has become RV Nation.

Go RV, Go Green

With everything you do, you have the potential to make choices that better the world around you. Most people that spend time camping and traveling have a deep appreciation for nature. They are constantly looking for ways that they can positively impact the natural world. 

How To Safely Buy An RV

If you have seen the advertisements for used RVs for sale or even new RVs for sale, the marketing can be appealing. With just one in-person or online tour, you may already be planning your next cross-country trip. 

RV Furniture

You have purchased your RV and you cannot wait to get on the road and join in the adventure of the RV Nation. First things first, though. You need to renovate and furnish your new home on wheels to make it the place that you want to be while you are living on the road.

Smooth Sides (Fiberglass) Versus Ribbed Sides (Aluminum)

When you are looking for new or used RVs for sale, you will have a number of options to choose from. There are numerous things to consider in a new or used travel trailer, fifth wheel, toy hauler, motor home, or RV. One of those things is whether you want Fiberglass sides or Aluminum siding.

Top Four Front Kitchen Fifth Wheels

The Top 4 Front Kitchen Fifth Wheel Floorplans! Why a front kitchen floorplan? Why not? You will have the coolest fifth wheel out there. Step up to your kitchen, the storage is amazing, the space is unmatched, and you have a luxury kitchen. Of course, the floor plans are famous for a huge master suite as well as an enormous living area for you and your friends to enjoy! Hit the RV Nation in a front kitchen fifth wheel and be ready for adventure. Front kitchens are very rare, but quickly gaining in popularity across the RV Nation. People are amazed that they can have a professional kitchen when camping. They can prepare gourmet meals in their front kitchen. The cabinet and storage space is unmatched in smaller mid kitchen layouts.

Top Ten Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers

Ready to go on an adventure? Tired of hauling your toys on a trailer and then having to leave your area of adventure and return to a hotel. Or tired of going camping and not being able to take your toys or having to bring two vehicles so you can haul your camper and your toys? Then we have the perfect fix for you! How about a Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler. The best of all worlds. You can stay in your own space, nicer than any hotel, cook your meals, wash your clothes, sleep in your own bed. Bring the toys as well. Only one vehicle needed now. Tons of savings on fuel also. Only one car, one trailer and one family together all the time. Don’t miss out, go have an adventure and make memories with your family!

Top Ten Travel Trailer Bunkhouse Floorplans

Travel Trailer Bunkhouse RVs are the perfect way to travel with little ones in tow. There is no more affordable way to vacation and no better way to bond with your family then in a Travel Trailer bunkhouse while out exploring the RV Nation. In this post, we will show you our top ten best selling travel trailer bunkhouse floorplans. Check out these must-see bunkhouse RV floorplans below and prepare to be amazed! RVWholesalers has compiled this list from talking to RV Experts across the RV Nation and looking at families reviews as well as sales numbers. Enjoy your journey through the Top Ten Travel Trailer Bunkhouses in the RV Nation.

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