America Is A RV Nation

America Is A RV Nation

America has always loved RVs. Heading out for an adventure on the open road, stopping anywhere, exploring, dreaming. RVs are a part of America’s pastime. Yet, the popularity of RVs has never been stronger than it is right now. In a sense, America has become RV Nation.

rvs for sale In RV Nation, hundreds of thousands of people hit the road every year to travel, explore, and discover places they’ve never been before. Not only that, in RV Nation, a growing number of people have ditched the 9-5, white picket fence life, to become modern nomads, traveling in their RVs full-time.

In a sense, a perpetual open road is the frontier of modern society. People have lived cookie cutter lives for so long, only venturing out from their work and homes for their paid vacation once a year. Now, there has been a kind of awakening. The redundant doesn’t cut it anymore. People are ready to see what else is out there, leaving the punch cards and conference rooms behind.

It’s not just single people. Married couples, families with children of all ages, and even pets, they’re selling their houses and hitting the road full-time to experience all that this RV Nation has to offer.

There are many names for the people that live on the road in the RV Nation; modern nomads, full-timers, workampers, and digital nomads. They live on the road, travelling in their RVs from town to town, state to state, stopping when they want to, for as long as they want to.

Making money in RV Nation

used rvs for sale Making money in RV Nation is essential, and of course, it looks a little bit different than it does for the Joneses. A growing number of companies are allowing their employees to work remotely. As long as one has a laptop and an internet connection, they can perform their work from anywhere in RV Nation.

Some people find work on the road, offering services to farms, ranches, and campsites. Others use entrepreneurial skills, offering online services such as coaching, consulting, virtual assistant, web design, writing, and more. It’s kind of a time where if you can dream it and you have an internet connection, you can do it.

Modern nomads traveling around the RV Nation are often creative and self-sufficient. They utilize technology and the various tools around them to create opportunity for themselves. They imagine the life of freedom that they desire and they do what they need to do to make it happen.

Schooling in RV Nation

Families that live on the road make different schooling choices for their children. Most of the kids in RV Nation are homeschooled, doing lessons in the RV and using the world as their classroom.

There are so many homeschooling options out there, it’s easy for parents to find the resources that they need to provide their children with an optimal education. While they may not have the room in their RV to keep a ton of curriculum and learning materials, they do have room for some books, laptops, and tablets, as well as access to digital libraries, museums, national parks, and pretty much every activity out there in RV Nation.

Living in RV Nation

It’s estimated that at least a million Americans are full-time RVers. While some live in their RVs full time due to necessity, the majority of modern nomads live that way by choice.

Traveling in an RV was once mainly for the retired. Now, however, more than half of new RV sales are made by people under the age of 45. Even though many people are making the leap to the full-time life, there are even more who are simply ready to enjoy a bit of time away from their day-to-day, living on the road for a week or two.

Whether choosing to live on the road full-time or just buying an RV for occasional adventuring, joining the lifestyle of the RV Nation provides so many benefits for people. It allows them to live more simply, without the stress of day to day, job-centered living. It provides an adventurous, nature-focused, balanced lifestyle, re-centering people to the things that truly matter in life.

RV travel also allows people to explore their world at a cheaper cost. It opens eyes to other areas, provides a way to experience the way others live, and creates a deep feeling of joy and gratitude.

Full-time or part-time, joining the RV Nation is a choice you’ll never regret. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. You’ll never want to go back.