Everything You Need to Know About RV Beach Camping

Everything You Need to Know About RV Beach Camping

Almost everyone loves spending time at the beach. Whether they’re swimming in the ocean, building sand castles, tanning in the sun, playing beach volleyball, or having a bonfire on a cold beach night, people are drawn by the magic of the tide.

That’s why camping at the beach is one of life’s great joys. While camping in a tent has its own beauty, camping at the beach in an RV is even better.

When you take an RV to the beach, there’s something for everyone. It’s truly an experience like no other. You get the best of a beach vacation along with the adventure of an RV camping trip.

Whether you already have an RV beach camping trip planned or you’re simply in the dreaming stage, you’ll want to know what to expect and how to prepare. While there’s a ton of stuff you need to consider before you set off for the coast in your RV, don’t let it deter you. An RV beach camping trip is truly something you won’t want to miss. Here’s what you need to know:

RVing at the Beach

If you’ve never taken an RV to the beach before, it’s time to remedy that. Beach camping in an RV is an experience like no other. The best way to ensure that your beach trip is perfect is to research, plan, and prepare ahead of time.

RV Beach Camping Basics

An RV, such as those you find at Rockwood RV, is basically a home on wheels. That means, when you take your RV to go camping, you’re kind of taking a small house with you.

Instead of simply taking a handful of gear, food, and beach essentials, you’ll be able to pack up anything you need or want to take with you on your trip. RVs are incredibly handy for camping because you don’t have to stress about what you’re going to take with you; you get to take it all. You can pack up food, games, beach clothes, warm clothes, extra clothes, beach gear, electronics, and even beach equipment such as surfboards and boogie boards.

When searching for an RV at an RV dealership, it’s important to keep the space that you’ll want for your trips in mind. Don’t forget that you’ll probably be taking a beach camping trip in the near future, so you’re prepared to find an RV that fits everything you’ll want to take.

You’ll also want to make sure that your RV won’t mind getting a bit dirty with sand and ocean water. Don’t worry; it’s part of the fun.

The comfort you’ll experience when camping at the beach in an RV is like no other. Instead of crawling into an uncomfortable tent, cold, wet, and sandy, at the end of the day, you’ll have a shower, warm clothes, and the comfort of your own bed.

By camping at the beach in your RV, you’ll enjoy the benefit of saving money on lodging. Accommodations by the beach can be incredibly pricey, whether you’re staying in a hotel, a vacation rental, a bed, and breakfast, or an Airbnb. However, when you take your RV to the beach for camping, you’ll have your transportation, your gear, and your lodging all in one place with minimal additional costs.

If you’re ready to find the best RV for beach camping, check out the inventory at Forest River RVs. With all sorts of features, you can find the perfect RV for your trip.

Owning an RV for Beach Camping

The thought of a beach camping trip probably sounds amazing. However, you may be torn between buying or renting an RV when the time comes.

While RV rentals can be a great choice for some people, you’ll miss out on some of the benefits and the overall comfort of beach camping in your own RV. When you own an RV, you’ll be able to make it exactly what you want. From decor to furniture to your own special touches, an RV should feel like home.

There’s really no doubt that traveling in your own RV will provide an additional level of comfort. It’s the difference between sleeping in your own home or that of a stranger. When you’re camping at the beach, you’ll value that cozy, comfortable place to fall into bed at the end of your day, to cook your dinner each night, or to escape when you need some quiet.

RV Wholesalers can help you find the best RV for your needs. Whether you need a large Winnebago or a travel trailer, you can find the right home away from home.

Everything You Need to Know About RV Beach Camping

Camping at the beach in an RV gives you multiple advantages that are camping in a tent doesn’t. You’ll have the benefit of your own bathroom and shower, your own comfortable bed, a kitchen with all the food and drinks you need, air conditioning, electricity, and more.

While you may need to consider certain aspects of RV camping when you decide to camp at the beach, the overall benefits will likely reign supreme. You will need to keep in mind that different RV camping sites will have different accommodations. Make sure and choose a site that offers both 30-amp and 50-amp so that you don’t have to worry about electricity. Your campsite should also feel safe and secure with enough lighting, on-site security, and even video cameras.

It’s always a great practice to read reviews ahead of time to ensure that you are going to be staying at a decent location. Check for security issues, cost, and the overall satisfaction of people who have stayed there. When you read reviews, you can discover a ton about the specific RV park you’re considering. For the best trip possible, take the time to learn what you can before booking your site.

Preparing for Your Trip

Once you’ve booked a spot, it’s time to get ready for your trip. This includes packing everything you’re going to need for a great time at the beach. There are a number of practical steps you can take to make RV living comfortable and enjoyable.

Purchase Your RV

Before you go any further, you’re going to need to make sure that you actually have an RV for your trip! If you don’t, it’s time to go RV shopping!

You can choose from a Puma XLE, Cherokee RV, and more. There are so many options available; it should be a breeze to find one that checks all of your RV boxes. Before you go shopping for your RV, you should make a list of the different things you want to be included. The salesperson will be able to help you find the best RV that most closely resembles the things you’re looking for. You’ll also want to make sure and purchase an RV extended warranty so that you have help with your RV if something isn’t functioning properly.

Choose a Time

Make sure you plan your trip for a good time of the year. There are a number of things to consider when it comes to when you should go beach camping in your RV.

Many campgrounds will be full during the summer when people tend to take vacations. You may want to avoid this altogether and plan your trip during the fall or winter months. Or, you may not mind camping when it’s busy, but you’ll need to make reservations far in advance. Be aware of the various nuances when it comes to booking an RV spot at your chosen location.

You’ll also want to plan the time of your trip based on the weather. While you will have a place to escape to if the weather gets bad, you’re still going to want to make sure and spend a great deal of time at the beach itself. Many beaches are packed in the summer, yet they experience mainly fog and cold temperatures during that time. What tourists don’t know is that the best month for visiting these beaches is actually fallen! By booking your trip for the fall, you’ll not only have beaches clear of summer tourists, but you’ll also get some great weather!

Start Packing

Your new RV will likely have a great deal of storage room. Use that storage wisely as you pack up for the beach camping trip. Make sure you pack the things you’ll need for both your RV and for your time at the beach. You want your trip to be a blast, so don’t forget the goods!

Here are some beach things you may want to pack for your trip:

  • Surfboard
  • Boogie board
  • Skimboard
  • Beach balls
  • Volleyballs
  • Shovels and buckets
  • Sand toys
  • Kites
  • Wet suit
  • Bathing suit
  • Towels
  • Beach Blanket
  • Beach chairs
  • Cooler

Make sure that you’re not just thinking about the beach when you’re packing for your RV camping trip. You’ll be living out of your RV for the duration of your trip, so you’ll want to make sure you have all the things you need for your comfort. Remember, you get the best of both worlds, so pack all the things you need for both the beach and your RV.

Here are some of the things you’ll want to pack for staying in your RV:

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Clothes
  • Bathroom Toiletries
  • Blankets
  • Electronics and chargers
  • Books
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Bedding

There are so many RV options out there. Choose one with great storage options, like the Puma XLE. Talk to your RV dealer to let them know you are looking for an RV with top storage options.

What Type of RV Do I Want for Beach Camping?

There are many types of RVs that would be good for beach camping. From Class A to Class C, travel trailers to schoolies to conversion vans, people have been enjoying the RV life for years. While most types of RVs will work for beach camping, there are some careful considerations you’ll want to make.

First, you need to decide whether you want to pull a trailer or simply drive the RV. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, so you’ll need to choose the one that works best for your needs.

You will also want to choose an RV that has all of the storage and other features you are looking for. Do you want things to be pretty basic inside, or are you looking for a nice, big, luxurious home? There are many RVs that have been decked out with features and character. Choose the one that will feel the most like home and will allow you to take the things you need for your trip.

You’ll also want to decide whether you are looking for a brand-new RV or a used one. While new RVs cost a great deal more, they are also incredibly advanced and have multiple features that will come in handy during your trip. Research each RV that you are considering and find the ones that check your boxes.

Your RV Wholesalers dealer will help you find the right RV to take beach camping. They’ll walk you through the process and ensure that you are driving away with an RV you’ll love. They are able to help you through the RV buying process from beginning to end.

At RV Wholesalers, we have a number of RVs ready for new beach adventures. Choose the RV you want, and get ready for the beach!