Reasons To Try RVing This Summer

Reasons To Try RVing This Summer

After two years of travel restrictions, many of us are more than ready to get out and explore this summer. With the full smorgasbord of travel options available once again, it can mean a tough choice deciding between a traditional family vacation or the freedom of an RV summer road trip.

Here are some of our top reasons why an RV summer vacation is still the best summer vacation choice for your family.

RV Vacations Are Easy On The Budget

RV vacations are often far easier on the budget than traditional summer vacation options. For starters, there is no need to pay for nightly hotel room stays and no costly air fare to purchase. While it is true that you may need to pay a nightly fee to stay at an RV park or campground, these rates are often far less than the nightly rate for a hotel room in a prime summer vacation destination. What’s more, the nightly rate to park your RV at an RV park or campground provides lodging for the entire family for one rate.

Depending on your travel destination, you may be able to find low-cost or free RV parking alternatives that can make your RV summer vacation that much more affordable. If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure, you can often find plenty of free RV camping locations where your family can relax and connect without the high price tag of peak season hotel lodging.

In addition to the savings on travel and lodging costs, there are also significant savings to be found in preparing meals in the kitchen of your RV rather than dining out. Check out the awesome kitchen features in the latest fifth-wheel travel trailers from Rockwood RV, including a high output gas range with a glass top cover, solid surface countertops, and residential refrigerators.

RV Vacations Make Social Distancing Easy

While the worst of the pandemic has passed, we are not fully out of the woods yet. Social distancing is no longer required in most locations. However, it is still recommended whenever possible. An RV summer vacation makes it easy to get out and stretch your legs while still using a healthy dose of caution.

An RV vacation allows you to choose your comfort level. You can socialize with other tourists in a popular summer vacation hot spot or spend time with close family and friends in a remote camping location. No matter which level of social interaction you ultimately choose, RV travel will allow you to avoid hotel check-ins and close quarters travel on an airplane, bus, or train. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that you are staying in your own private space without concern over the health status of fellow travelers. Best of all, you can easily adjust your own social distancing protocols mid-trip should the need arise.

RV Vacations Let You Travel With The Whole Crew

RV travel is made for traveling with the whole crew. Planning an RV summer vacation means that you can include the whole family, a crew of your closest friends, and even the furry family members in your summer vacation plans.

Traditional summer vacations often involve air travel and hotel stays. This often means leaving extended family and close friends behind. Worse than that, the family pets often need to spend the summer vacation in a boarding kennel or in an unfamiliar home. When traveling by RV, you are not bound by air travel or lodging restrictions, so you can bring the whole crew and your pets too.

RV Vacations Help You Keep Everyone Happy

Traditional summer vacation is often limited to one destination. Deciding on one vacation destination that has something of interest for everyone in the family is challenging at best and next to impossible at worst. That means that everyone is going to need to compromise to find a vacation spot that everyone can agree on.

An RV summer vacation is not limited to just one destination. Spend a day or two by the beach, then pack up the RV and head up to the mountains for some camping fun, or move on to the next amusement park, event, or attraction on your family’s itinerary. RV travel makes it easy to make sure that everyone in your family or crew gets a chance to do what they love on your summer vacation.

RV Vacations Provide Plenty Of Breathing Room

Traditional summer vacation means a lot of togetherness. Spending time with the family is great; after all, that is what family vacations are for, right? Of course, spending quality time with the family is one prime reason for a family summer vacation, but relaxation is often pretty high on the list as well. It can be difficult to relax and enjoy quality time with the family when you are crammed together in a car, on a bus, or on an airplane, followed by sharing a small hotel room for a week or more. That much togetherness can test even the tightest of family bonds and friendships.

RV travel offers plenty of space for everyone to carve out a little bit of privacy and breathing room. Larger fifth wheel travel trailer RVs like those from Forest River RV, or Class A Motorhomes like those from Winnebago, offer a true home on wheels with private bedrooms, living areas, and extended outdoor entertainment and meal preparation options that help maximize the livable space, giving everyone a little room to breathe.

RV Vacations Offer The Comfort Of Home On The Road

No matter how expensive the hotel or resort, few can compare with the comforts and conveniences of home. RV travel allows you to bring your home with you out on the road. There is no need to do without the familiar amenities while on summer vacation. Pack your laptop, the kid’s games, all your toiletries, and your favorite entertainment options, and stock up the refrigerator and pantry with all of your favorite foods and beverages. You can literally bring everything AND the kitchen sink with you on the road.

Not only can you bring all of the comforts of home with you on your RV summer vacation, but you can also bring the convenience and security of your garage with you. Check out the toy hauler trailers by Cherokee RV and Puma XLE to see the different floor plans offering family living space with a rear garage area for all of your outdoor toys and equipment. Depending on the style and size of the toy hauler travel trailer that you choose, you can find garage space for ATVs, dirt bikes, and bicycles, as well as any other outdoor adventure equipment you need to store securely.

RV Vacations Allow You to Combine Work & Play

We know summer vacations are all about playing, not working. However, like many other aspects of everyday life, the boundaries between work and play have been blurred for many people over the past several years. The popularity of van life and full-time RV living has created the opportunity for many families to create a year-long “summer” vacation by blending remote work with RV travel.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a full RV vacation or simply need to be able to check in with the office a few times from the road, RV travel allows you to be as productive as you need to be while enjoying your vacation or full-time RV lifestyle. Depending on your needs, you can create a full private office space with all of your important work related documents and tools at your fingertips, or you can use one of the many built in connection ports to plug your laptop or mobile device in for a quick check -in from the beach.

Today’s modern technology infrastructure means connectivity is easier than ever to find. Most RV parks and campgrounds offer free high-speed internet connections, and there are plenty of free wi-fi hotspot locations located throughout the nation’s large and mid-sized cities and towns. RV travel allows you to hook up from almost anywhere so you can find your perfect work-life balance.

Visit Your Local RV Dealership Today!

Are you ready to start planning your RV summer vacation but still looking for the perfect RV? Start your RV search with a little online research to narrow down the perfect RV type for your family, and then head over to RV Wholesalers or your local RV Dealership to tour the latest floor plans before you make your final decision. The friendly and experienced RV sales crew has the insider knowledge to help you choose the most important features for your family vacation needs. They can help walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of the different RV options and features and help you choose the perfect RV style and size to ensure your family enjoys the RV summer vacation of your dreams.

One final note, after choosing your perfect RV, and selecting all of your options and features, make certain that you protect your purchase with an RV extended warranty purchased through your RV dealership or a third-party extended warranty provider like RVing Solutions.

What are you waiting for? Head out to RV Wholesalers or your local RV dealership, pick out your perfect RV, and head out for your perfect RV summer vacation. We will see you on the open road!