Ways to Have Fun While Traveling in an RV in 2022

Ways to Have Fun While Traveling in an RV in 2022

Traveling in your own personal home-on-wheels is an amazing way to create unforgettable experiences and memories with friends and family that will last a lifetime! Not to mention the conveniences of having your own kitchen and bathroom available at any point in your travels, making potentially long hours on the road more comfortable, efficient, and easy.

Whether you’re planning a year-long tour of the US or a weekend trip, we’ve got travel tips for getting the most fun out of your RV experience! From creating a route loaded with entertaining stops along the way to relationship dynamics on the road, we’re here to share must-know home-sweet-RV tips to make your travels low-stress and fun!

If you haven’t found the perfect fit for your adventuring plans yet check out our blog covering different RV options, and know that the RV Wholesalers team is here for you. We’re passionate about helping you find the right RV and enabling your greatest travel adventures! We can even help you set up a rental for a test drive experience before committing to purchasing your home away from home.

National Parks

Planning your travels around visiting National Parks is an amazing way to soak up spectacular views and once-in-a-lifetime experiences with your travel companions! The 63 parks in the United States offer hundreds of hiking, camping, and general exploring opportunities surrounding nationally-designated places for nature lovers.

You can camp nearby a National Park, stop for a few hours on your way to your main destination, or plan your whole trip around visiting and staying at one of the parks and soaking up all of its glory! There are typically designated RV parking spots and sites available, so your visit, no matter how long, will be convenient and full of fun and beauty!

State Parks

State Parks are another great option for adventure lovers, and they are often more accessible with fewer hours of travel since some parts of the country are less concentrated with National Parks. Plus, parking and camping fees can be on the pricier side at the National Parks.

State Parks are located throughout each state, and some states have dozens of parks open to the public! This makes them ideal for weekend trips or last-minute adventures. They’re also generally cheaper, less crowded, and dog-friendly, which isn’t typically the case with National Parks.

Many state parks even offer RV campgrounds with hookups! Parks that don’t offer campgrounds usually have other camping options nearby, and plenty of RV parking is available. State parks are a great destination for a quick weekend trip or a visit along your fun-packed route.

City Life

Traveling in your RV is an incredible way to soak up as much natural beauty as possible, but it’s nice to head into a city to experience the sights, sounds and tastes from time to time. City exploration does require a little extra planning as you iron out the logistics of navigating around the city in your RV.

If you’re towing a car or towing a trailer like a Cherokee RV, you can easily set up camp at a local RV park or campground and drive into town. If you don’t have another vehicle, you can utilize public transit or a ride-share or taxi service to make your way into the city and return to your RV after a solid day of city life!

Planning city stops along your route can add an extra level of fun and excitement to your travels. World-class dining, shopping, museum visits, or historical site visiting can provide just the right change of pace after time spent exploring outdoors. This can help your crew gear up for the next stage of travel! RV travel doesn’t have to mean backroads and wilderness. You can plan stops in cities located off the major roads you’re taking and create fun memories in city settings, too!

Road Trip Time

Sometimes a more laid-back road trip approach is just what you need on a vacation! Traveling in an RV creates a travel experience open to serendipity because at the end of the day you know you have a safe, clean, and comfortable place to lay your head, especially in a well-outfitted RV like the Puma XLE. Planning minimal stops and leaving room for changes and flexibility along the way can make for an amazingly fun and memorable vacation! Taking this approach allows RVers to see more, explore more, and taste more. You can take different routes and remain less destination-oriented. This type of trip isn’t for everyone, but for those itching for an adventure and willing to let things unfold with minimal planning, a road trip-style vacation makes for quite a journey. Try staying at a Harvest Hosts site! There are over 3800 campsites around the country on land owned by farms, wineries, breweries, and distilleries available to RVers with a yearly membership.

Visit Family or Friends

There’s no better way to visit loved ones who live far away than to cruise up in your RV! Traveling in your RV can make cross-country travel easy and fun. It’s less expensive than flying the whole family out, and you’ve got your accommodations covered if space is limited at your loved one’s home. Long drives are made more manageable by the ability to spread out, relax, and take snack breaks and bathroom breaks as needed while you continue putting in miles, especially in a larger family-friendly RV like a Winnebago!

See New Sights

Making it a goal to visit new places that you and your companions have never seen is a great fun-in-the-making plan! You could let each member of the family choose a new travel destination and plan around places they’re excited to experience, google travel destinations within X amount of miles and pick one you’ve never visited, or lay out a map and point! No matter how you choose new destinations, you’ll be sure to create a fun and adventurous energy surrounding your trip while making each member of the family feel valued! It’s a win-win. Since every individual has a different idea of what “vacation” means to them, making trip planning a group activity can help validate each individual and lighten the load. Planning a big trip alone can be exhausting. Sharing the load lowers individual stress levels and can help ensure that everyone going feels confident that elements they’ll truly enjoy will be sprinkled throughout your travels.

Be Flexible

Anytime you’re traveling with others, it’s important to keep in mind everyone’s preferences. Sticking together for every activity isn’t necessarily conducive to a harmonious and fun time! Leaving flexibility for opting out of activities or adding others into the mix is important to ensure that all members of your family or party can have the most fun possible! Outdoorsy activities nonstop may be the move for some, while checking out a specific restaurant or shop in the city or even just curling up with a good book is right for another person. Leaving space for solo and group activities and the flexibility to adjust helps maintain harmony and keep the fun times rolling!

Splitting the group up from time to time can be extremely beneficial in the long run. Let’s be honest; your RV is much more comfy and spacious than a car, but you’re still together for long periods of time, and annoyances will naturally arise. Keeping the option of doing some activities on your own or in a smaller group is important to keep open. A large family-friendly brand like Forest River ensures that everyone has a little space of their own, and branching out is simple after setting up camp and unhitching with their Rockwood models.

Be Prepared

Nothing puts a damper on a trip in an RV like a stinky toilet or messy bathroom situation. Make sure your family or friends are briefed on best practices and that dumping “black water” is built into your plans. Also, make sure you bring your toolkit, a first aid kit, and all necessary kitchen supplies! It’s impossible to predict emergencies and accidents, but being as prepared as possible can help keep stress levels low and fun flowing! Nobody wants to sit down to dinner and realize there aren’t enough utensils for everyone or get into poison ivy with no Benadryl in sight. Cross your T’s and dot your I’s for maximum fun.

On The Road Again

We hope these travel tips help make your next, or first, RV vacation a success! Traveling by RV is an amazing way to create lasting memories and see the beauty our country offers in a unique way. So, buckle up and get ready for some major fun! For more tips, tricks, and information to help your RV life thrive check out our many helpful articles on the RV Wholesalers blog! Whether you’re looking to get tips about planning a trip, want to compare makes and models, rent, or purchase an RV the professional and capable RV Wholesalers team is here to help. And don’t forget to get an RV extended warranty before you set out on your big adventure!