Rockwood vs. Flagstaff

Rockwood vs. Flagstaff

Questions from a customer about Rockwood and Flagstaff:

Customer Question #1

Are Rockwood and Flagstaff really sister units?

Industry Expert Answer:

Rockwood and Flagstaff are indeed sister or twin units. They are even built in the same factory.

Customer Question #2

Why are they not identical then?

Industry Expert Answer:

The parent company is Palomino which has been purchased by Forest River. The people at Forest River and Palomino keep the exterior graphics and the interior colors different to make sure consumers can easily distinguish the Rockwood line from the Flagstaff line. It is done to avoid confusion and give both the Rockwood and Flagstaff line their own identities.

Customer Question #3

Why build both lines if they want them to have their own identities, this is confusing?

Industry Expert Answer:

Simple and it will all make sense to you after my answer. Simply put, Palomino and Forest River want to be able to sell more units. State laws and in some cases just internal company rules prohibit having two dealers in the same town or geographical selling the same line of trailers. So, you cannot have two Rockwood dealers within 50 miles of each other. So, they come up with a second line (flagstaff) and then they can have two dealers in the same area. This also makes the dealers more competitive. Now they cannot charge as high of prices and must take care of the customers or they can go right to the other dealers.

Question #4

Ok, so if they are both basically identical is there a reason to choose one over the other? The only reason seems to be if I like the exterior or interior colors of one better than the other. Am I missing anything?

Industry Expert Answer:

Most people go by colors, reputation or advice from friends.
One huge thing you should consider is which line has the higher resale value. In other words, when you go to sell your unit, will you get more money for a Rockwood or a Flagstaff? The answer is a Rockwood. Why if they are the same? Simply, the Rockwood outsells the Flagstaff about six to one. What does that mean to you? More people own Rockwood’s, see Rockwood’s and then want Rockwood’s. This is the cause of Rockwood’s out selling Flagstaff’s six to one. So, when you go to sell your new camper you will get more money out of your Rockwood then you will a Flagstaff.

Question #5

What makes Rockwood and Flagstaff a brand we should consider?

Industry Expert Answer:

Simply put there is not a better built travel trailer or fifth wheel in the industry. Rockwood and Flagstaff are built by Amish and German Baptists in Millersburg, Indiana, a very small town with a strong work ethic. Here is a video that shows you how Rockwood and Flagstaffs are built:

Every unit is built with a steel frame, laminated walls with aluminum studding, Styrofoam insulation that cannot settle and only the best fiberglass in the industry.
The quality is off the charts and their warranty and parts support is far above any other factory in the rv nation.

Question #6

You mentioned Styrofoam insulation and stated it would not settle. Why does that matter? What other kind of insulation is used and why do I not want it?

Industry Expert Answer:

Styrofoam is a solid peace and cannot settle no matte what you do to it. It fills the entire space in which it is placed and cannot move. So, you have the same insulation in day one that you have in year 15. It never changes, decomposes, falls, slides or has any other issues. Fiberglass insulation is the other one used by the rv industry. Simply put even if cut to the proper length and installed perfectly, it will fall, settle, and drop within the wall as the unit and it ages. At some point you will have gaps up to 12 inches with no insulation at the top of the wall. You can imagine how much air conditioning and heat you can lose out of these gaps especially when they are all around the unit.

Question #7

Ok, I am solid on the Rockwood. What is the best time of the year to buy?

Industry Expert Answer:

There are many good times to buy for a variety of reasons. The best would be right before or as the new model year comes out. Why? The first units they will produce for the new model year will have all the changes but still be the year before model. This means you get the new changes, graphics, etc. all for the same money as the year before’ s model. So, you get a 2021 for example but only pay for the 2020. Usually dealers are discounting the year before’ s models as well at that time. At the same time it is hard to ever go wrong with Forest River, Palomino and especially Rockwood and Flagstaff.

Question #8

How do I negotiate a good deal and protect myself from a bad dealer?

Industry Expert Answer:

There is a great video that I found on YouTube that addresses exactly what you just asked. It is a webinar that a dealership put on and it is spot on. Take the time to watch it, take notes and be ready to use the info when you are shopping. Here is the link:

The webinar is just under one hour long, do not let that scare you away, it is quite informative and you will be so shocked with their honesty you will want to keep watching. Remember, take notes and be ready to negotiate a great and safe deal for yourself and your family. Things not like this are very informative and can really be helpful as you go to negotiate your new RV deal. Another important thing to remember is you vote with your dollars. If things are not right, prices are changing, pressure being applied, simply walk out. The biggest way we vote is by not allowing our selves to get ripped off.

Question #9

Great webinar, now how do I find a good dealer? What do you know about the dealership in the webinar? They seem like they are very customer focused.

Industry Expert Answer:

Great question! A dealer is as important if not more important than the unit you purchase. I see the dealer and customer relationship as one of the most important relationships you will have. Here are a series of questions to ask yourself: 1. Can I trust this dealer? a. Did they try to add hidden fees? b. Did they try to change the pricing at any point in their favor? 2. How will they assist me when I have a service issue? 3. What if I have an emergency repair needed while traveling. Since you asked about the dealer in the previous video, it makes sense I share another video of theirs to answer you about finding a good dealer. Obviously, they are one you might want to check out.

Question #10

You have been so helpful, thank you so very much! One last question, how do I know if I can tow the camper that I choose? There are many tow guides on line to assist you with this. This is the one I trust the most and use personally.

Towing Calculator

Be sure to make sure you have accurate information when looking up your vehicle. For example: * Motor Size * Regular cab/extended cab/four door * Two wheel drive (2WD) or Four Wheel Drive (4WD) * Long or short bed. * Trim package * Make/Model * Year The list above should have you well covered to get accurate information on what your towing capacity is.

Thank you for your time today, your questions have been awesome and very well thought out. Hopefully, my answers have been as thought out and helpful to you. Whatever camper you choose, whether, Rockwood, Flagstaff or another from either Forest River or even Thor you will enjoy yourself. You will have a great time and find yourself quickly bonding with your family. Go fishing, hiking, boating, antiquing, skiing, enjoy local flavors by doing a restaurant and craft beer tour. See the local sites and take in the art of the area. Whatever you do when you currently travel, you will enjoy it even more when you are doing it in your home away from home. How awesome to have your own bed, your own kitchen and especially your own bathroom. You know who has been in your rv, who as slept in your beds, used your bathroom and your kitchen. In other words, the exact opposite of a hotel. Traveling America in your own home is one of the single greatest luxuries that you will ever experience. Have the kids put away the cell phones and talk, play board games, cards, sit by the fire and watch for shooting starts. Go anywhere you want and when you want. The most important thing to remember is, go out and camp and enjoy yourself. JUST HAVE FUN!!!!