Forest River Toy Haulers

Forest River Toy Haulers

Forest River is an RV company, whose headquarters is in Elkhart, Indiana, the heart of the RV Country. Forest River is owned by Berkshire Hathaway and makes the XLR Toy Haulers, the PUMA, Puma Ultra Lite and Puma XLE toy haulers. The Rockwood Geo Pro Toy Haulers, Wildwood FSX toy hauler travel trailers by forest river. XLR toy haulers are produced using the highest quality materials and only the finest manufacturing techniques. RVWholesalers has been proudly offering the XLR line of toy haulers from Forest River for over a decade. We find them the best toy haulers in the rv nation.

XLR toy haulers manufactured by Forest River include several lines including: **XLR Nitro**, **XLR Micro** Boost, XLR Boost and XLR Hyper Lite travel trailers. They also make the **XLR Toy Hauler Fifth Wheels**. The Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler Line also produced by **Forest River** includes: **XLR Boost**, **XLR Thunderbolt** and **XLR Nitro**.

Let’s look first at the XLR Boost Travel Trailer Toy Haulers. There are five floorplans in this line up including: XLR Boost 21QBS, XLR Boost 27QB, XLR Boost 27QBX, XLR Boost 29QBS and last but not least the XLR Boost 31QB. A very impressive line up of travel trailer toy haulers which ALL include Queen beds and cavernous garages for all your toys.

Rvwholesalers through the XLR Boost series by Forest River brings adventure straight to you and your camping experience. Whether you are just on a weekend camping trip or headed out for adventure, this travel trailer has the garage to haul any and all of your favorite toys. Need to go off-road, no big deal, the XLR Boost is your chariot to the stars and adventure in the rv nation.

rvs for sale Second up in our impressive offering XLR Forest River Toy Haulers is the XLR Micro Boost. There are three versatile floor plans to ensure any and all of your toy hauler needs can be met and your expectations exceeded. We will explore the XLR Micro Boost 18LRLE. Wide open floor plan with a Murphy Bed upfront to ensure your floor space is not encumbered by a bed. Full kitchen and bathroom complete this amazing spacious unit. Next up is the XLR Micro Boost 25LRLE with a queen bed upfront in the master suite. Full walk through bathroom and an enormous garage for your toys. Finally, the XLR Micro Boost 27LRLE by Forest River has a front bedroom with a queen bed, a large kitchen with a 84” U-shaped Dinette and a walk through bathroom. Finally it has an 11’ garage to haul your camping toys. The XLR Micro Boost brings convenience to hauling your toys to go on ALL your camping adventures. Get their in style, live in comfort and enjoy your toys with the Forest River XLR Micro Boost travel trailer toy haulers.

rv dealership for sale Next up, is the XLR Hyper Lite travel trailer toy Hauler by Forest River. The XLR Hyper Lite is a very versatile and light weight travel trailer toy hauler with fiberglass sides and unmatched quality. Not only are the affordable, they are half ton towable, laminated and very easy to tow. The XLR Hyper Lite 2217 has an enormous 17’ garage, full bed up front and two electric beds in the garage. The XLR Hyper Lite 2414 has a 14’ garage, front queen bed and electric beds in the back as well as a dinette. Completing this floor plan is a corner shower in the full bath. The XLR Hyper Lite 2715 has a front master suite with a walk around queen bed. Private access into the full bathroom. Two very comfortable chairs, in the kitchen/dining area and two electric beds as well as a 15’ garage. The XLR Hyper Lite 2815 is simply enormous in living space and garage space for your RV Adventure. Walk around queen bed, huge bathroom and complete comfort everywhere you look. The fifth unit in our XLR Hyper Lite line up is the XLR Hyper Lite 3016. Garage is a cavernous 16’! Yes, no typo, 16’ of garage space. A very large slide out and all the conveniences at home to make sure your adventure off road is still amazing when a day of riding concludes. The XLR Hyper Lite 3212 is so amazing you have to see it to believe it. Three separate rooms. A master bedroom, huge living space that includes the kitchen and living room. Finally, a huge 12’6” garage for your toys. Last but most certainly not least is the King of our XLR Hyper Lite Line up by Forest River. The XLR Hyper Lite 3310 has an enormous front kitchen, three large slide outs. A master bedroom you won’t soon forget and a spacious 10’ garage for your toys. Want to ride all day and enjoy an evening in stylish digs? This is your unit. XLR Hyper Lite Toy Hauler Travel Trailers by Forest River is simply amazing, versatile, cutting edge, light weight and affordable. When you purchase from RVWholesalers you will find the line of XLR Toy Haulers priced more affordably then at other dealerships.

new rvs for sale RVWholesalers’ next Travel Trailer Toy Hauler by Forest River is the IBEX. IBEX is a new line of travel trailers and toy haulers by Forest River. The IBEX 19QTH toy hauler is extremely light weight travel trailer, coming in under 4,500lbs. It has a large garage, full kitchen, large bathroom and a spacious queen bed in the front of the unit. Don’t miss out on the flexibility and gas savings from the IBEX 19QTH Toy Hauler Travel Trailer from Forest River.

The next in RVWholesalers’ Toy Hauler Travel Trailer line by Forest River is the PUMA. Puma offers several choices. The first we will look at is the PUMA Palomino 31THSS toy hauler travel trailer by Forest River. This unit has a front master bedroom with a walk around queen bed. Spacious bathroom, huge living area and kitchen with island. The garage is 8’4” to fit all your toy needs. Next in line is the PUMA Ultra Lite Palomino 187TH Toy Hauler Travel Trailer by Forest River. Large garage area 14’9”, with full kitchen, bathroom and front queen bed. Very lightweight and durable. Last but certainly not least is the PUMA Palomino XLE 29TSS Toy Hauler Travel Trailer by Forest River. Garage is a huge 13’, gull bathroom, huge U-Shaped Dinette and front master bedroom with queen bed. PUMA Palomino Toy Hauler Travel Trailers by Forest River are very affordable, durable and one of the best in the RV Nation.

used rvs for sale Have you ever heard of the Rockwood Geo Pro Toy Hauler travel trailer by Forest River? Incredibly built, very lightweight and most affordable. The Rockwood GEO PRO G19TH weighs under 3,500lbs while still having two sofas that make into a bed. Full kitchen, bathroom and tons of space for your toys. One of the nicest light weight toy haulers RVWholesalers offers in the RV Nation.

Last, but not least, among the Forest River toy hauler travel trailers is the Wildwood FSX 181RT. Another very affordable and light weight offering from Forest River Toy Haulers. The Wildwood FSX 181RT weighs only 3,204lbs. The Wildwood FSX 181RT has a huge front storage area, queen bed, full kitchen and bathroom and tons of space in the garage. You are going to love price, weight and durability of this Forest River Wildwood FSX 181RT Toy Hauler Travel Trailer.

trailers for sale What is the difference between a travel trailer toy hauler and a fifth wheel toy hauler? Many to be honest. Travel Trailer toy haulers hook to the bumper of your tow vehicle. Fifth wheel toy haulers have to have a special hitch in the bed of your pick up truck and hook there. Travel Trailer toy haulers are most often lighter than fifth wheel toy haulers when comparing similar sizes and construction types. Fifth wheels are normally more stable to tow however and of course are normally more expensive. Both have great solutions for hauling your toys however and sleeping your families and meeting your camping needs. So, which one would be for you? Up to you, what is your tow vehicle? What are your tastes, how comfortable are you with towing, what is your budget? Those questions will help you answer that question. Either way you cannot choose wrong. Toy Haulers allow you to explore places unable to be explored and take toys to take that exploration even further. Adventure, excitement and affordable vacations await you in your toy hauler by Forest River. Don’t take any chances either with your health. When you buy an rv, you are already social distanced and safe. So again, don’t fret the decision too long, just go camp. Buy that RV, take that trip, go on that adventure and make the fun come to you. Get to know the US in a whole different way. GO RVing.

used travel trailers Not interested in a Toy Hauler travel trailer by Forest River? How about a Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler by Forest River then? RVWholesalers has the largest inventory of Forest River Toy Hauler Fifth Wheels in the RV Nation.