All American Road Trip

All American Road Trip

America has had a long love affair with the road trip. Since the first highways began to crisscross the nation, Americans have been taking to the roadways to explore new locations and seek out new adventures.

And it goes without saying; that there is no better way to experience the highways and byways of the American landscape than in an RV. In fact, the RV industry was born out of the American love of the road trip. From the shiny aluminum travel trailers of times gone by to the real homes on wheels of today, the RV is the quintessential mode of travel for the American road trip.

Choosing The Perfect All American Road Trip RV

The perfect all-American road trip starts with the perfect RV. Of course, the perfect RV for you will depend on where you plan to travel, whom you plan to travel with, and what sort of adventures you expect to have on your trip.

When you picture the perfect, all-American road trip, do you imagine touring the country at a leisurely pace, spending quality time at each location, and enjoying the open road while enjoying all the creature comforts and amenities of home? If this is your version of rod tripping, then you will likely want to look for one of the well-equipped Rockwood RV fifth-wheel trailers or Forest River RV Travel Trailers.

These well-equipped rigs feature all the luxuries of home-like private bedrooms with queen, or king, sized beds, full-size wardrobes, Kitchens and bathrooms with full-size fixtures and appliances, and living rooms with theater-style seating with built-in USB ports, entertainment centers with flat-screen televisions and multimedia centers.

For those looking for a good home on wheels, a Class A motorhome is an excellent option. These large motor-powered RVs are the epitome of luxury and convenience. The classic Class A motorhome has evolved nearly as much as its travel trailer and fifth wheel trailer cousins. Check out the latest models from Winnebago to see all the modern luxuries included in these mansions on wheels. The judicial use of powered slide-outs in modern RVs has allowed for luxury interiors that provide a traditional home-like feel and a whole lot of space for creature comforts. Expect to see high-end features like high-tech entertainment centers, high-end surfaces, and fireplaces. Class A is definitely the discerning traveler’s way to see the American landscape.

If your idea of the all American road trip involves reconnecting with nature, outdoor adventures, or simply getting away from it all and exploring the areas of America that our a little further off the beaten path, one of the latest models in the Puma XLE toy hauler trailer lineup, or perhaps one of the lightweight, and rugged Cherokee RV travel trailer models. A toy hauler travel trailer features a rear garage area which makes it a perfect choice for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, while the smaller, lightweight travel trailers are an excellent choice for those who plan to travel deep into the National and State Parks or other remote areas where finding an overnight parking spot for larger, heavier RVs may be challenging.

Start your all-American road trip outright by taking the time to research the variety of RV types, styles, and options available before choosing the right RV for your road trip adventure. Take the time to visit RVWholesalers, or your local RV dealership to tour several different RV models to make sure that you are getting the perfect RV for you, your family, and your RV road trip lifestyle.

Remember to protect your investment by purchasing an RV extended warranty from your RV dealership or a third-party RV warranty provider like RVingSolutions before you pull your new RV off the RV dealership lot and head out on your all-American road trip.

All American Road Trip Destinations

No matter what part of the country you call home or where you choose to start your American road trip adventure, you will find no shortage of breathtaking natural landscapes, roadside attractions, regional cuisine, and much more to explore.

Let’s take a quick look at the must-see all-American road trip destinations for each region of the country.

The East

The Eastern portion of the United States has plenty to offer; from historical sites to natural wonders, you will find plenty to explore.

Historical New England

Take a trip through the nation’s history by visiting the various landmarks of New England. Take in the site of the Boston Tea Party in Boston, Massachusetts, see the iconic Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, explore famous revolutionary war battlegrounds, and much more.

Of course, there is much to explore in the more remote, natural areas of New England as well. New England is known for its stunning fall leaves, rolling green pastures, fields of wildflowers, and a wide variety of seaside villages.

The Appalachians

Some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the Eastern United States can be found in the vast Appalachian Mountain range. The Appalachians were once viewed as an imposing barrier to westward expansion in the earliest days of the United States. However, it didn’t take long for the early settlers to begin exploring this imposing mountain range. Today the roughly 500 miles long Blue Ridge Parkway allows modern-day pioneers to explore the majestic beauty of the Appalachian Mountains with ease. This well-traveled roadway is dotted with plenty of RV campgrounds, so you will have no trouble finding a place to park your RV so you can get out and explore the natural beauty of this historic mountain range.

The Atlantic Coast

If the sun, sand, and sea are calling your name, then you can find plenty of all three while driving through the various destinations along the Atlantic coast. Enjoy the friendly, old-fashioned charm of the different seaside villages from Virginia Beach, to Myrtle Beach, to Savannah.

Continue south on U.S. 1 to enjoy the variety of sights, sounds, and experiences as you move along the eastern coast of Florida and progress down towards the various islands and keys. Grab a spot in one of the many south Florida RV parks and campgrounds and use that as your home base to explore even further south. Grab a ferry or boat ride out to some of the nearby Islands or leave the mainland to explore the famed Key West.

The Midwest

The Midwest has plenty to offer the road trip crowd. In fact, the wide-open roadways and broad expanses of natural landscapes, farmland, and bustling cities were practically made for an RV road trip vacation.

The Great Lakes

Located between the United States and Canada, the Great Lakes are a unique series of interconnected lakes that are so large that they resemble inland oceans. Some of the largest of the Great Lakes even produce waves large enough to surf. You will find beautiful beaches and miles of waterfront destinations to explore, from charming small-town Americana to the cosmopolitan culture of cities like Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, Michigan, Niagara Falls, New York, and venture up to visit our neighbors to the north in Toronto, Montreal, or Quebec City, Canada.

The South

The southern United States offers up plenty of road trip destinations, from fantastic and surreal natural landscapes to historic locations and small towns steeped in southern charm.

Historic Deep South

The deep south is home to plenty of destinations with deep historical significance. Tour civil war battlegrounds, sprawling plantations, and historic small towns where you can take in the old-fashioned charm of days gone by.

The Gulf Coast

The nation’s southernmost coast offers its own style of waterfront travel destinations. The Gulf Coast extends from the clear, warm waters off the interior coast of Florida through the historic waterways of Alabama and Mississippi.

Keep heading west along the Gulf Coast to reach Louisiana. Make sure you allow plenty of time to stroll through the streets of New Orleans and explore the bayous and swamps that make Louisiana famous.

The westernmost portion of the Gulf Coast puts you in Texas. Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and lively nightlife of Corpus Christie, Galveston, and find a home base to park the RV while you venture out to the South Islands just off the coast.

The West

The western portion of the United States offers wide-open expanses of unspoiled natural beauty and a blending of Native American, Spanish, and wild west cowboy cultures to explore.

The Wild, Wild, West

Visit the famous gypsum White Sands of New Mexico or the ghost towns and stunning desert landscapes of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and California.

The Pacific Coast

Continue to the very westernmost edge of the United States, where you can make your way along the Pacific coastline through sunny Southern California, up into the wine country of northern California. Enjoy the friendly seaside towns that dot the coast of Oregon, and enjoy the freshest catch of the day in the fine dining establishments of Seattle, Washington.

Whether you opt to select one region of the United States to explore or take your RV out on the road to travel the United States from coast to coast, you are sure to find plenty of new adventures and memory-making experiences on your all-American road trip. So pack up the RV and get out on the open road!