Everything You Need to Know About Rockwood RV’s

Everything You Need to Know About Rockwood RV’s

If you’ve spent any time on the road or at the campsite, you’ve seen Rockwood RVs in their natural habitat. Rockwood is an established RV brand that’s known for intelligent, well-designed vehicles. These trailers are ideal for travelers looking for a reliable, quality home on the road. Learn more about Rockwood trailers to see how they can make your camping dreams come true.

Learning About Your Rockwood Camper

Rockwood trailers are perfect for people who want to invest in their outdoor lifestyle. Whether you hit the road regularly or are just beginning your journey, a Rockwood can help you make the most of each experience. These models boast superior quality. With a useful warranty, you can get years of enjoyment out of your trailer.

Every camper brand has its own quirks. Just like Coleman and other cheaper options, you’ll need to learn your way around a Rockwood RV before it feels like home. Here are some of the best aspects of a new Rockwood camper.

Solid Construction

It might sound like a cliche, but Rockwood trailers are built on solid, durable frames. Every RV uses sturdy construction that will keep you and your loved ones safe. This reliability is great for multiple reasons. First, a Rockwood RV can hold up to life on the road. Any camper is going to see rough days once you get going. All-day travel, mountain inclines, muddy campsites, and other aspects of the RV lifestyle can be hard on a vehicle. Your Rockwood will be facing road hazards, inclement weather, and more. That’s why Rockwood RVs are built to last. Rockwood uses combination wood-metal studs to provide additional support while on the road. Wooden inserts at the end of every metal stud, plus dual welding, make Rockwood trailers stronger than most other campers on the market. Your trailer will also have a stronger roof and floor, thanks to special construction techniques. This careful engineering keeps you safer both on and off the road.

There’s also an aesthetic benefit to Rockwood’s solid construction. Rockwood RVs look brand-new after years on the road, thanks to their reliable design. A simple wash will take care of any mud, dirt, or grime, leaving your camper in ship shape. Special vacuum bonding helps protect your RV’s walls and protect them from delamination as well.


Plan on spending as much time outside of your Rockwood RV as you do inside. These trailers are thoughtfully engineered to provide the best exterior experience. After all, part of the magic of RV travel is spending time in nature. Rockwood owners love these exterior features of their campers.


Recent model Rockwood trailers feature fully automatic awnings that will make any trip better. Traditional manual awnings can do a great job at blocking the sun and providing shade once they’re set up. However, the process of setting up an RV awning can be long and complicated. The last thing you want to do when it’s hot outside is to spend extra time and effort setting up your awning by hand.

With Rockwood trailers, it’s much easier to set up your awning. The new automatic models couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is push a button. The awnings will deploy on their own. You can also customize your awning length. For example, if you’re close to a tree, you can extend the awning by only a few feet to make sure there’s enough space.

Automatic awnings might sound like a luxury, but they’re a very practical choice. If you camp in extreme weather or in harsh conditions, automatic awnings can make your trip much more pleasant. You’ll appreciate this feature if you’re setting up camp in the rain, snow, sun, or heavy wind.

Water Storage

Water is one of the most important aspects of any RV trip. You can’t count on an easy, endless supply of clean water when you’re on the road. Rockwood makes it simple to store enough water for your trip. With a 10,000-gallon residential filtration system, your Rockwood RV can carry plenty of water. The robust filters also allow you to fill up water anywhere on your travels instead of stocking up at home.

The interior water systems are also well-designed. Rockwood faucets, sinks, toilets, showers, and drains are all specially engineered to prevent leaks and conserve water throughout your trips.


Spending time in nature is wonderful, but eventually, every traveler needs to head inside for the night. Rockwood campers have comfortable and efficient interiors. You’ll be able to rest, relax, and refresh after any adventure with a Rockwood RV’s interior features.

Comfortable Beds

Sleeping is one of the most important things you’ll do in your Rockwood camper. If your trailer’s bed isn’t comfortable, you might as well set up a tent. Poorly designed, uncomfortable furniture is one of the worst parts of many campers. Luckily the Rockwood experience is different.

Your Rockwood RV features Murphy beds, which fold into the wall when they’re not being used. It’s easy to access the bed using a few buttons and levers. The Murphy bed design keeps your RV open and clear during the day while still offering plenty of options at night.

You can also fold the bed into a couch to use during the day. A couch isn’t a necessity for camping. However, additional seating space is very enjoyable, especially if you’re traveling with a large party.

Modern Electronics

If you’re like many people, you don’t go camping because you want to spend all day plugged into phones, TV, or other devices. However, technology is becoming a basic part of our society. Rockwood trailers make it easy to use electronics while you’re on the road.

One thoughtful touch is USB ports in the bedside tables. These USB connections make it easy to plug in a phone or laptop. Whether you’re charging your phone overnight or watching movies in bed on a rainy day, you’ll find plenty of uses for these ports. If you’re not bringing any modern technology with you, you can use USB ports to charge portable lanterns, string lights, and other camping gadgets. Rockwood RVs also features a useful TV mount. The included TVs are respectable sizes. Thanks to a swivel arm, you can adjust the angle of the screen to watch in bed or from the couch. Watching TV isn’t a traditional camping activity, but it does offer a nice change of pace when the weather is bad, you’re not feeling great, or you need a day to recover from a hard hike.

Rockwood’s technology also makes it easy to introduce reluctant friends and family to the world of RV travel. You may be able to entice loved ones to join you on a trip if they know they can use their devices throughout the journey.

Useful Kitchen

Rockwood trailers have useful kitchens that are more than adequate for cooking your meals. You’ll find enough room to prepare food and drinks for your entire crew. If you’re traveling over the holidays or cooking a big meal, you can use the table extension for a few extra feet of valuable counter space. The pantry offers plenty of storage space so you can stock up before hitting the road. Your Rockwood RV features both a stove and an oven. These propane-fueled appliances are easy to operate, service, and refuel. You’ll appreciate being able to cook a warm meal indoors, especially during cold-weather camping trips.

Built-In Storage

Storage continues beyond the kitchen pantry. A Rockwood RV is full of places to stash all your essential belongings. You’ll find nooks and cubbies in the most obvious places, such as under seats and beds. However, Rockwood goes even further. These campers have plenty of bathroom storage, including a medicine cabinet. Of course, you’ll still need to plan for every trip, but Rockwood trailers make it easy to keep the necessities organized and easy to find.

Frameless Windows

Rockwood’s frameless windows offer a modern look and feel to your camper. The window design preserves a cool, private atmosphere inside the camper. Heat transfer is reduced, keeping your RV temperature-controlled. Partial opening technology allows you to enjoy fresh air even if it’s raining outdoors. You’ll feel like you stepped into your own personal sanctuary whenever you enter your trailer.

Hit The Road With Rockwood

Rockwood RVs offer top-quality construction and design that’s perfect for serious campers. But, if you love being on the road and spending time in nature, a Rockwood trailer can take your experience to the next level. You can count on sturdy construction, reliable water storage, thoughtful exterior features, and a comfortable indoor living environment. Rockwood is perfect for experienced campers, but these trailers are ideal for introducing beginners to the lifestyle.

Whether you’re traveling with your family, friends, partner or making solo trips, a Rockwood RV can make your time in nature even more enjoyable. Explore Rockwood trailers to enjoy the best experience whenever you hit the road.