Must Haves for RVers

Must Haves for RVers

Experienced RV’ers Must-Haves

Don’t take our word for it. Experienced RV’ers know best. Whether you are RVing or camping, everyone has something they can’t do without. The following list of must-haves, from kitchen items, leveling blocks, chairs, coolers, and more, is sure to make your trip the best. Sharing their best products for RVing is something that RV owners find enjoyable.

Solar Device Charger

When the sun is out, then power is plentiful. It would help if you captured it. Keep your devices charged with the Solio Bolt Battery Pack + Solar Charger, an affordable way to keep gadgets charging in the sun lite.

Meat Smoker

Grill chefs will relish the Cobb Portable BBQ Grill and Smoker. Grill, smoke, bake, roast, fry, and boil to your heart’s desire. The 14 x 14 x 14 inches unit weighs 10 pounds and takes up very little space in your precious cargo hold.

Frozen Drink Maker

Cold beverages on a hot day? Yes, Please? Try a battery-powered frozen drink machine that delivers up to 80 drinks on a single charge! Did you say Pina Colada?

Portable Ice Cube Maker

Don’t waste your time going to the general store for ice cubes when you can make ice yourself. The alternative to a trip into town is a portable ice maker handy that can generate cubes at a rate you will enjoy. Have an “ice” day!


Paper maps are from a bygone era. Most RV’ers some form of GPS device. For a stand-alone device, consider the Garmin RV 760LMT, Magellan RoadMate RV9145-LM, or the TomTom VIA 1605M.

Walkie Talkies

Two-way radios make for a nostalgic and convenient RV tool. Use them parking, keeping track of each other, or let the kids have a fun adventure with them—an excellent tool for two-way communication when there’s no mobile service, too.

Micro Blender

A single-serve micro blender is excellent for various kitchen tasks, from making breakfast smoothies to blending sauces. You can’t go wrong with Hamilton Beach and Oster blenders.

Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron pots are perfect. Versatile and safe to use on the stove, in the oven, or over any campfire without the risk of damage, Cast iron pots make the grade. Season the skillets regularly to preserve an excellent cooking surface.


Bring the bikes for a whirlwind of a good time. They will come in handy as a quick and convenient backup form of transportation should you need to run to a nearby store or across the park to visit a friend. Some trendy brands include Schwinn, Dahon, and Columbia.

Air Compressor

A portable tankless air compressor is an essential addition to your bikes and for topping off the spare tire or keeping your regular tires at optimal performance. It’s much easier than pulling into a random gas station with little room to man over. Recommended units should pump to 150 psi and run on 12 volts and 120 volts. Tankless compressors can be used to winterize your RV.

Step Stool

Purchase a folding step stool, and you’ll be glad you spent the money. Use one to reach high cabinets for washing the RV, messing with the awning, and many other tasks.

Weather Radio

Don’t leave home without a weather radio and device charger. You’ll be glad you did when you find out the weather is going to get rough. At least you’ll want to know about it and get out of the way. It can also serve as a flashlight in a pinch.

Insect Repellents

Finally, you’ve found your destination, and it’s time to get set up. You in your favorite camping chair with an adult beverage, then they show up. No, not your in-laws, but a bunch of buzzing pests. Some even draw blood. Don’t let this happen to you. Keep a highly rated insect repellent and citronella candle on hand instead.

Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Camping without your smartphone, tablet, and PC is a thing of the past, and adequate WiFi is becoming a staple for RV’ers. Take connectivity wherever you go with a mobile WiFi hotspot). Most consider a strong WIFI connection to a requirement in their travel plans.

RV Solar Charging System

Cut the cord from traditional power hook-ups and travel freely with a solar power hook-up. Solar power is free, clean, quiet, and dan readily available when the sun is shining. Try RV solar power to beat the heat and light your way.

Waterproof Lighter and Matches

Your gourmet cookout could turn into beef sushi if you don’t bring the essential item for every barbecue, a matchbook full of matches! Or at least a cheap lighter. A chef may hedge their bets with a refillable waterproof lighter that will still produce a flame in up to 75 miles per hour winds.

Extra Hoses and Cords

Extra water hose, sewer hose, or extension cord make you better safe than sorry.

Outdoor Stove and Ovens

You’re not RVing if you’re not cooking outdoors. After all, who wants the mess inside your beautiful camper. Cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner while taking in the great outdoors is fun and refreshing. Outdoor propane grills are excellent, including the Weber Q series.

Indoor Cooking Tools

Though outdoor cooking is where it is at when RVing, weather might dictate otherwise, so be sure to have plenty of utensils and appliances for indoor cooking. Some of our RV veterans like these favorites for indoor cooking: the NuWave Oven (indoor/outdoor use) and the electric skillet.

Memory Foam Mattress

Camping does not make equal uncomfortable. Make sure you have the mattress that suits your comfort preferences. Some popular options include Tempurpedic, Sleep Innovations, Lucid, and Spa Sensations. Your budget will dictate your choices, but take a look at all the features before you decide.

Furniture to Sit/Lay On

Camping chairs, hammocks, and other forms of comfortable seating are a must. Don’t fall victim to a folding chair that doesn’t fit your derrière. Don’t let your nap time put you in crutches with an aching back. Don’t find yourself entertaining the RV neighbors with substandard seating for all. Make it comfortable, durable, and take into account all body sizes, big and small.

Satellite Dish

Camping certainly means different strokes for different folks. Leaving technology at home isn’t an option for some. Having RV satellite TV allows for entertainment on the fly and can be one of the most entertaining aspects of the RV lifestyle.

Cleaning Wipes

You may find it easier to clean up between activities with baby wipes. But if you want to smell like an adult, consider Wet Ones or Lysol wipes. They are ready to go when you are, and in this Covid-sensitive culture, stay clean and stay safe.

Auto Sewer Flush Valve

Blackwater tank realities can be a little tricky, so keeping both your black and grey water tanks clean is essential. With a flush valve, this process becomes less challenging. Don’t find out the hard way. Be prepared.


Music is a personal endeavor, and not everyone wants to hear your polka music. So make sure to have different music on hand for multiple tastes, moods, or occasions. But remember that you will need a way to get that music to play at your campsite. Try an accessory speaker connected to your mobile device via cord or Bluetooth. Bring a boom box that connects to your smartphone, plays CDs, and even the radio. Or pack your guitar for a campfire sing-along.

Head Lamps/Flashlight

If you go out late at night in the darkness of nature, be sure to have a reliable flashlight to light your way. Some RVers keep a high-quality flashlight at their disposal. Others like headlamps. Headlamps can help you avoid issues with your walking path and make nighttime repairs SO easier.