Ways To Have Fun While Traveling In An Rv

Ways To Have Fun While Traveling In An Rv

Whether you plan on hitting the open road for a group adventure with a squad of like-minded friends, or embracing the full-time RV lifestyle with your entire family, a little bit of preparation and planning will go a long way towards making sure that the reality of a footloose and fancy-free nomadic lifestyle is every bit as fun as the visions in your head.

Keep reading to learn our top tips and tricks for maximizing the fun for the entire crew and keeping everyone happy and entertained out on the road.

Inclusive Itinerary Planning

The very best way to make sure that everyone gets the maximum enjoyment out of RV travel is to make sure that everyone has a voice in the planning of the experience. No matter how close-knit the family unit or how symbiotic your squad of friends maybe, there are bound to be different interests and recreation styles between the individual members.

One of the best parts about the RV lifestyle is exploring new pastimes and discovering new places. Here are a few great ideas to help get your itinerary started.

Explore The National Parks

The United States is home to sixty-three National parks. The country’s National parks draw large crowds of tourists year-round, so expect to encounter other tourists. However, if you are looking for a more relaxed experience, you can often find campgrounds and RV parks located just outside of the National park. Public transportation to the park entrance may be available, and most of the National parks provide internal shuttle services to help visitors get around to the various points of interest inside the park.

Explore Your State Parks

You will find at least one state park in every state in the United States. While state parks may be smaller and a tad less grandiose than National parks, they can be just as much fun.

As an added bonus, state parks are generally less crowded and less pricey than their National counterparts. You will generally find that the rules at state parks are a bit more relaxed when it comes to traveling with pets or staying inside the park for extended periods.

Tour A New City

Of course, RV travel does not have to revolve around remote outdoor activities. An RV can be the perfect way to explore a new city without spending a fortune on pricey hotels. Most cities have an abundance of RV parks and resorts inside the city limits, where you can rent space by the day, week, or month.

Hook up your RV to the park utilities, and you have your own home base from which to explore the city at your leisure. Of course, you may need to rent a car locally to get around town if you do not have your own passenger vehicle or truck.

Visit Friends & Family

Do you have faraway friends or family that you have been longing to visit? An RV makes it easy to spend time catching up with old friends and extended family members without worrying about overstaying your welcome in someone else’s home.

Whether you park your RV on private property or at a nearby RV park, you and your family will be able to relax and enjoy your own space while spending quality time with distant loved ones.

Plan To Compromise

Traveling with multiple people, be they family or close friends, means brushing off your compromise and cooperation skills. Not every person in your group is going to be enthusiastic about every activity. However, if you have planned your itinerary with everyone’s individual interests in mind, then all that is needed is a little bit of giving and take to keep the trip fun and enjoyable for all.

While one particular activity may not be one group member’s cup of tea, they can rest easy knowing that their favorite pastime will be coming up on the agenda soon. Plus, trying new activities outside of your normal comfort zone is a great way to discover a new favorite pastime or hobby.

Go Your Own Way

There is certainly no hard and fast rule that states that everyone must enjoy every activity as a group. Everyone needs a little solo time away from loved ones every now and then. It can actually increase the overall fun and enjoyment for the whole group if there is time allotted for individual members to do their own thing without worrying about cramping the style of other group members.

Of course, you will want to make sure that you have taken safety precautions since you are likely to be traveling and exploring an unfamiliar area. Make certain that everyone is on the same page and knows where individual members of the group plan to be and when they are expected to return.

Set Your Priorities

Every agenda will need to have some wiggle room to accommodate unexpected bumps in the road and last-minute plan changes. You can avoid any extra resentment or disappointment by laying out a priority list for each individual for each planned stop on the agenda. Essentially, this should be a quick list of each person’s most anticipated activity for each location. Deciding these priority activities ahead of time makes it much easier to decide what activities can be cut from the agenda without affecting anyone member’s enjoyment and which activities should be pushed to the forefront.

Carve Out Personal Space

Even the most luxurious of RVs are often rather short on interior space. This is a simple fact of life on the road. RV living does not offer the individual room to roam that is found in most traditional homes. Of course, RV living makes up for the lack of personal space inside the RV with the expansive environment outside of the RV. However, this is of little help when you are between stops and confined to the interior of the RV for long stretches of time.

A bit of creative use of interior space can help keep fussing and fighting to a minimum and preserve friendships. Try to allot some small corner of the RV for each individual to store their personal belongings and add curtains or other temporary partitions where doors and walls are not feasible to give each person their own personal area to be alone when the need for a little peace and solitude strikes.

That brings us to one of the most important ways to maximize the comfort and fun of RV living… choose the right RV for your RV lifestyle.

Choosing The Perfect RV

The RV that you choose can make all the difference in the fun and comfort of your RV lifestyle experience. Before you head out to the RV dealership to find your new RV, take a minute to look at a few of our favorite RVs and learn how the right RV features can help make sure your RV adventure is high on fun and low on frustration.

Forest River RV

The Forest River RV brand was created with the express mission of building high-quality, dependable RV for every budget so that every family has the opportunity to get out and explore the great outdoors.

Rockwood RV

Rockwood RV is Forest River’s signature line of luxury RVs for those interested in exploring the great outdoors without sacrificing all of the creature comforts of a traditional home. Every Rockwood RV is carefully crafted with premium materials and special construction techniques, making them stronger than most competitors campers currently on the market.

The following Rockwood RV features and options will help you maximize your family’s RV lifestyle by expanding the comforts of indoors into the outdoors.

  • Outdoor Speakers
  • Teton All-In-One Wi-Fi Booster/LTE Antenna
  • Outside Griddle and Food Prep Table
  • Outdoor Shower

Cherokee RV

The Cherokee RV line-up of travel trailers and toy haulers was created to maximize comfort, versatility, and value.

To that end, every Cherokee RV features cleverly designed interiors with an array of standard features and options that help maximize comfort and enjoyment for the whole family.

Look for the following Cherokee RV standard features and options to maximize the comfort of your RV interior space.

  • Overhead cabinet storage in the master bedroom
  • Under-seat pull-out drawers for extra dining area storage
  • Solid bedroom doors for added privacy
  • A premium entertainment package to keep everyone entertained on the road
  • An integrated sink cover for additional counter space
  • USB charging stations conveniently located throughout the interior space
  • Cherokee Total Control App & Remote Control System

Puma XLE

Puma XLE travel trailers and toy haulers are designed to be lightweight, agile, and affordable without sacrificing the important features and options that make RV living fun and enjoyable.

Look for the following innovative Puma XLE features and options to make the most of your RV adventure.

  • Appliances are installed on individual electrical circuits so that you do not need a transfer switch when running the microwave simultaneously as other appliances.
  • A glass stovetop cover allows for extra counter space when the stovetop is not used.
  • USB Charging Ports located throughout the interior space
  • Dinette seat bases with extra storage
  • AM/FM/Bluetooth Stereo
  • Exterior speakers
  • TV antenna pre-equipped with cable hook-up
  • Pre-wired bedroom TV hook-up

Visit RV Wholesalers, or your local RV dealership, to tour these Forest River RV brands and others today!