Why Get A Forest River RV?

Why Get A Forest River RV?

Whether you are shopping for your very first RV or looking to upgrade from your current model, choosing the perfect RV for your RV lifestyle can be a daunting task. The RV marketplace is filled with different choices, from fifth-wheel travel trailers to toy haulers and motorhomes to campervans. So how do you know which RV is best for you?

One of the best methods for narrowing down your RV shopping options is to research and select the top RV manufacturers and then choose an RV from the brand you love. After all, there is much more to consider when looking for a new RV than the evident style, size, and floor plan choices. Prospective RV buyers should also consider the RV manufacturer’s reputation, customer service policies, tech support availability, and the terms of any RV extended warranty coverage, if offered.

With that tip in mind, let’s take a closer look at one of the top brands in the RV industry, Forest River RV.

The Story Of Forest River RV

Founded in 1996, Forest River RV is the embodiment of founder Peter Liegl’s dream that everyone should be able to get out and experience the great outdoors the way that he had done. Peter Liegl felt that the best way to make his dream into a reality was to create an RV company dedicated to crafting high-quality, well-constructed, comfortable RVs that were accessible to all.

With the realization of that early vision, Forest River RV has evolved to become one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of RVs. Forest River RV produces a full slate of RVs for every taste and every budget. The company’s current model lineup includes Class A Motorhomes, Class C Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheel Trailers, Toy Haulers, Camping Trailers, and Destination Trailers or Park Models.

Today, Forest River RV operates under the umbrella of the larger Forest River Incorporated, a Berkshire Hathaway company, which produces not just recreational vehicles, but other large commercial and recreational vehicles as well, including pontoon boats, tour buses, cargo trailers, and commercial trucks. Forest River RV leverages the lessons learned and unique perspectives gained from each of its diverse divisions and brings them all together to create an industry-leading company that is able to meet the needs of the broadest range of customers while staying far ahead of the competition at every turn.

What Makes Forest River RV Such A Great RV Brand?

Forest River RV has been manufacturing quality RV travel trailers and motorhomes under a variety of different brand names for generations.

When RV enthusiasts talk about the quality and comfort of their favorite RV brands, you are likely to hear much about the creature comforts of the Rockwood RV lineup of fifth luxury wheels and travel trailers, the rugged agility of the Cherokee RV or Puma XLE travel trailers and toy haulers, or the traditional reliability of the Winnebago motorhomes. It may surprise you to know that all of these popular RV brands are owned and manufactured by Forest River RV.

These are all great brands that have stood the test of time and cultivated a solid and devoted following in the RV community. So what is it that makes Forest River RV brands so popular?


Forest River RV offers customers a wide array of high-quality RV styles at affordable prices. RV travelers looking for high-end luxury can find everything they need at a competitive price in the Rockwood RV fifth wheel and travel trailer lineup, with prices ranging from around $20,000 for a small travel trailer, to just under $80,000 for a signature series fifth wheel travel trailer.

If motorized luxury is more your speed, check out the latest Winnebago motorhomes that range from around $115,000 for a full featured camper van to just under $450,000 for a luxury Class A motorhome with all of the bells and whistles.

For RV vacationers who are looking for an entry-level RV price tag without sacrificing quality, the latest Cherokee RV travel trailer and toy hauler lineup offers affordable models ranging from $28,000 for a small travel trailer to around $80,000 for a top-of-the-line travel trailer model. For those who need the storage space offered by a toy hauler travel trailer, the latest lineup from Puma XLE offers brand new models ranging in price from around $60,000 to $112,000.

Quality Construction

Forest River RV was founded on the core idea of crafting high-quality, safe, comfortable, and above all, well-constructed recreation vehicles. Forest River RV remains every bit as committed to that founding ideal today by maintaining some of the very highest standards for RV manufacturing in the business.

Forest River RV quality construction starts with locating manufacturing plants throughout the Midwest and West Coast regions of the nation. By operating multiple manufacturing plants in a variety of different areas, Forest River RV has the manpower and space needed to produce high-quality, well-constructed RVs without the need to rush orders, cut corners, or skimp on the production process. No matter how high the current demand for new RVs is, Forest River RV has the facilities and staff needed to meet and exceed construction demands.

Forest River RV takes its commitment to high-quality construction well beyond the manufacturing plant. Forest River RV implements a rigorous quality testing and inspection process to ensure that quality stays high from the first RV model produced to the last.

Forest River RV operates a 20,000-square-foot Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) station to ensure quality standards by conducting rigorous testing on randomly selected brand new RV units from all of the RV brands and models produced under the Forest River RV moniker. The individual RVs that are randomly chosen to undergo PDI testing are subjected to tests specifically designed to assess the quality, strength, and functionality of the electrical components, plumbing fixtures, LP gas delivery system, as well as overall RV component functionality, and cosmetic quality. By completing this exciting inspection and testing process, Forest River RV manufacturing plant managers and engineers are able to glean valuable insight and feedback into the success of the manufacturing process to help guarantee that each and every RV that rolls out of a Forest River RV manufacturing plant meets the highest standards of quality construction.

Awesome Creature Comforts

Forest River RV takes RV traveler comfort seriously. Forest River RVs are packed full of all of the creature comforts that you would find in a traditional stick-built home so that you don’t need to sacrifice the amenities and conveniences that you are used to while you are traveling out on the road.

Comfortable Bedrooms

Forest River RVs feature comfortable bedroom spaces with high-quality queen or king-sized beds in most full-size models. While smaller types of RV may not feature an entire bedroom space, those that do often have walk-around style beds and side cabinets with built-in lighting and power outlets for all of the convenience and comfort of home. Many of the larger RV models offer private master bedroom suites with access to a private bath area and full-size wardrobes for clothing storage.

Cozy Living Rooms

The majority of full-size Forest River RVs offer cozy living spaces with plenty of comfortable seating. Best of all, Forest River RV living spaces are crafted with family entertainment in mind. Many feature large entertainment systems pre-wired with the needed outlets and connections to hook up all of your entertainment devices. Some luxury models even come with built-in fireplaces for added comfort in the family living space.

Homestyle Kitchens

Most full-size Forest River RV models feature fully functional homestyle kitchens with all of the same appliances that you have come to rely on in your home kitchen. Upgraded features and options include solid surface countertops, kitchen islands, farmhouse sinks, and full-size refrigerators and stoves that make meal prep a pleasure.

Spacious Bathrooms

Many Forest River RVs feature full-size bathrooms with plenty of elbow room for comfortable bathing and showering. In upgraded models, you will also find plenty of cabinet space and premium lighting in the vanity area to make it easy to share space with your fellow travelers without sacrificing any part of your grooming routine.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Forest River RV knows that RV living is just as much about the outdoor living experience as it is the indoor spaces. With that in mind, Forest River RVs include several standard and optional features that make it easy to create a secondary living space in the great outdoors. Features like pass-through kitchen walls, outdoor appliances, and entertainment connections make outdoor entertaining a breeze.

Forest River RV: Useful Tools

The Forest River RV official website offers an array of valuable tools that provide Forest River RV owners with a wealth of information and RV community resources, all in one convenient location. Here are a few of the practical tools and resources you will find when you visit Forest River online.

RV Finder Tool

Forest River RV’s RV Finder Tool helps prospective buyers narrow down their search to find the perfect RV for their taste and RV lifestyle needs. The easy-to-use RV Finder Tool walks users through the process by asking them to select an RV type and choose from a set of desired standard features and options like bunk beds, slide-outs, and more. Shoppers can then filter their search results by size and weight. Once all selections have been made, the tool will return a selection of RVs that are a perfect match for the customer.

How-To Videos

The Forest River RV website features a full slate of informative (and entertaining) how-to videos that take buyers on virtual tours of the various RV interiors and instruct users on the general care and maintenance tasks for the different Forest River RV models. Viewers will also find plenty of useful video content from our manufacturing partners that offer detailed instruction on the use and care of the accessories, appliances, and fixtures that accompany your Forest River RV.

Trailer Life Tow Guides

Forest River RV has partnered with Trailer Life magazine to offer Forest River owners comprehensive RV towing guides that walk RV owners through the often confusing process of determining the proper towing weight of the RV and teaming it with the right towing vehicle to ensure safe towing.

While these guides are intended for general reference only and do not provide all of the complex details in regard to towing capacity, they do provide the information that the RV owner needs most. Each guide lists the average tow weights for various RV types, as well as the most common engine configuration and maximum towing capacity for the most popular tow vehicles.

Payment Estimator

Forest River RV provides a handy payment estimator that helps you to assess the various scenarios for financing your RV purchase and allows you to best gauge which RV models and styles would best fit your RV shopping and RV ownership budget.

Interactive Owners Manuals

Forest River RV offers a full set of interactive, electronic online owners manuals for all Forest River RV models produced after 2015. The interactive nature of these owner’s manuals makes it easy for owners to find all of the information they need with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Each dynamic owner’s manual includes useful tools like how-to videos, full-color pictures, and detailed illustrations of components and systems. Best of all, the content is fully searchable, and individual sections (or the entire manual) can be easily downloaded in PDF format for offline use.

Friendly, Responsive Customer Service

At Forest River RV, customer satisfaction reigns supreme. Forest River RV understands the expectations of today’s RV owner and strives to meet and exceed the common desire for a trouble-free and rewarding RV ownership experience.

Forest River RV offers several opportunities for RV owners to find the customer support they need. Many RV owner issues and questions can be solved quickly by reviewing the comprehensive FAQs section of the official website or found in the interactive owner’s manuals and how-to videos featured online.

For those questions that require additional support, RV owners can reach out to the friendly, experienced customer support team through the Contact Us portal of the company website or by contacting the customer support team directly via telephone or email. Regardless of the style of communication, Forest River RV owners are always able to reach a knowledgeable, helpful customer support agent whenever they need assistance.

Free Roadside Assistance

Of course, when traveling out on the open road in an RV, there are bound to be times when your family’s comfort and safety depend on immediate assistance. Forest River RV knows that safety and comfort are top of mind for most RV travelers, and that is why the company offers one free year of complimentary roadside assistance membership with each new RV purchase.

Forest River RV Roadside Assistance membership includes all of the emergency roadside assistance services an RV owner is likely to need. Additionally, Forest River RV Roadside Assistance membership provides RV owners with 24-hour a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year access to operational, technical, and emergency road services, including:

  • Tow service to the nearest qualified RV repair facility
  • Battery replacement, charging, and jump start service
  • Tire repair and replacement service
  • Roadside delivery of fuel and other vital vehicle operation fluids
  • Locksmith/Lockout service
  • Winch out service
  • RV component technical support
  • RV mobile mechanic services for basic repairs

Industry Leading RV Warranty Coverage

Forest River RV backs up the dependability and quality of their RV brands with a limited warranty included with every new Forest River RV purchase.

The Forest River RV limited warranty includes coverage for repair or replacement costs incurred as a result of substantial defects that may occur during the manufacture and assembly of the RV at the Forest River RV manufacturing plant.

While Forest River RV’s limited warranty coverage protects owners from costs incurred due to substantial manufacturing defects, it is important that new RV owners also protect their RV purchase with the additional coverage provided by an RV extended warranty sold through the RV dealership where the RV was purchased, or through a third party RV warranty provider such as RVingSolutions.

Forest River Owners’ Group (FROG)

Finally, one of the most unique and valuable aspects of Forest River RV ownership is membership in the brand’s exclusive Forest River Owners’ Group (FROG)

The Forest River Owners’ Group (FROG) was formed in 2011 and has evolved to a membership roster of over 150,000 current and legacy Forest River RV owners. FROG members attend regular rallies and group tours throughout North America, creating memories and passing along stories that bond the community together for a lifetime. The FROG community also provides a useful community forum where members can share advice and tips to enhance RV travel, such as the best RV overnight parking locations and RV-friendly travel destinations.

All that is required to become a full-fledged member of this amazing RV ownership community is the purchase of a Forest River RV. Membership is completely free of charge to all Forest River RV owners. Simply visit the official FROG website, fill out the simple membership form, and start taking part in one of the best RV owners’ communities in North America today!

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