Top Ten Travel Trailer Bunkhouse Floorplans

Top Ten Travel Trailer Bunkhouse Floorplans

Travel Trailer Bunkhouse RVs are the perfect way to travel with little ones in tow. There is no more affordable way to vacation and no better way to bond with your family then in a Travel Trailer bunkhouse while out exploring the RV Nation. In this post, we will show you our top ten best selling travel trailer bunkhouse floorplans. Check out these must-see bunkhouse RV floorplans below and prepare to be amazed! RVWholesalers has compiled this list from talking to RV Experts across the RV Nation and looking at families reviews as well as sales numbers. Enjoy your journey through the Top Ten Travel Trailer Bunkhouses in the RV Nation.

1. Wildwood FSX 178BHSK

new rvs for sale wildwood-fsx-178bhsk.jpg

What we love: This Wildwood FSX 178BHSK travel trailer bunkhouse by Forest River floorplan is like the swiss army knife of campers. You get two huge double bunk over double bunks for the kids. While there is a huge U-Shaped dinete for the entire family to sit around, bond over meals, play games or just watch the stars out of the enormous panoramic window while out in the RV Nation. Mom and Dad also get a full Queen bed for comfort at night. This incredibly priced rv is short on cost and huge on camping space and functionality.

2. Wildwood X Lite 263BHXL

rv dealership for sale wildwood-x-lite-263bhxl.jpg

What we love: The cavernous slide out and wide open floor plan of the Wildwood X Lite 263BHXL travel trailer bunkhouse by Forest River! Yet, the parents maintain a very secluded private escape at night or even during the day to watch tv or read a book. Large double bunk over double bunk ensures plenty of sleeping space for the kids as well. Huge pantry and large bathroom with a tub/shower complete one of our family favorites in the RV Nation. RVWholesalers customer’s rate this as one of the best.

3. Rockwood GEO PRO G20BHS

rvs for sale rockwood-geo-pro-g20bhs.jpg

What we love: How does Rockwood GEO PRO bunkhouse travel trailer fit so much in such a safe and comfortable tidy space? This unit weighs an amazing 3,513lbs. Easily towable by most vehicles and easy to tow as well. Even though it is a tidy space it has tons of storage and can sleep up to 8 persons. Load up the entire family, have all the luxuries of home and go camp in the RV Nation!


used rvs for sale puma-31qbbh.jpg

What we love: This Puma fifth wheel bunkhouse by Palomino and Forest River is cavernous! It has two separate bedrooms. One for mom and dad, which is a luxurious private master suite and an enormous bunkroom for the kids to hang out and play in on rainy days while camping in the RV Nation. You cannot beat the space and storage in this one and it sleeps an amazing 10 persons available at RVWholesalers.


trailers for sale puma-32bhks.jpg

What we love: Hard to believe this floor plan is a travel trailer bunkhouse. Two full bedrooms, a master suite for mom and dad up front. Huge bunkroom for the kids in the rear of the unit. Huge living space and finally a large outside kitchen. This is one of the best in the RV Nation built by Forest River.


used travel trailers puma-32bhqs.jpg

What we love: Can you believe 1 ½ baths in this Puma travel trailer bunkhouse by Palomino and manufactured by Forest River? Yep, what an awesome idea for a bunkhouse. Also, the second bathroom for the kids has an outside entry door. Why is that important? Simple, they get dirty, go right in and get changed in the bathroom. You will love this PUMA Bunkhouse by Forest River. Voted one of the best in the RV Nation.

7. Rockwood GEO PRO G19BH

used campers for sale rockwood-geo-pro-g19bh.jpg

What we love: This Rockwood Geo Pro G19BH weighs amazingly just over 3,000lbs. Easily towable by any tow vehicle in the RV Nation and sleeps an incredible 6 persons! Has all the luxuries of home including full kitchen and bathroom. As always RVWholesalers has them in stock and ready to go.


lightweight travel trailers puma-xle-31bhsc.jpg

What we love: Two full bedrooms in this PUMA XLE travel trailer bunkhouse by Palomino and Forest River! Tons of storage, more than any unit in the RV Nation and outside kitchen. Of course, as always great pricing and service from RVWholesalers.

9. Wildwood X Lite 261BHXL

rused travel trailers for sale wildwood-x-lite-261bhxl.jpg

What we love: The wide open floor plan is cavernous. This Wildwood X Lite 261BHXL by Forest River trailer bunkhouse sleeps 10 comfortably. So you have room for your family and even your children’s friends when you go out to camp in the RV Nation. The quality is great and the price from RVWholesalers is unmatched.

10. Wildwood 32BHDS

travel trailers for sale wildwood-32bhds.jpg

What we love: This Wildwood Bunkhouse travel trailer 32BHDS by Forest River sleeps an army. You can easily sleep six in this two bedroom bunkhouse travel trailer. Tons of storage and lots of living space completes one of the favorite bunkhouse travel trailers in the RV Nation. RVWHolesalers is proud to offer it for you and your family’s camping needs.

We hope you have enjoyed this look into the Top Ten Travel Trailer bunkhouse travel trailers in the RV Nation. Whatever you do, get up and go explore this country with your family, bond and make memories that will last you a lifetime. GO RVing and explore our wonderful RV Nation. Whether you are looking at Forest River, Thor, Wildwood, Rockwood, Rockwood GEO PRO, Puma, Puma XLE or Palomino travel trailer bunk houses, you cannot go wrong. Great service and unmatched pricing as well as these awesome travel trailer bunkhouses await you and your family at RVwholesalers.

Why buy a bunkhouse in the first place? Simple, it is so much better and happier for everyone in the family to make sure everyone has their own sleeping space. Also, when you have the two bedrooms like these Travel Trailer bunkhouse Floor plans do, you have a quiet place for mom and dad to go read, watch tv or just hang out. You also have an area for the kids to hang out on a rainy day or just in the evening before bed. The kids can watch their own tv in their own space. Of course there is always a tv and huge living area for when you all want to be together. Huge LED tv to watch your families favorite movies on. Surround sound to enhance the viewing experience for everyone involved also. Kids can also bring friends with them since there is always an extra bunk or two in the kids bedroom. Storage is another great bonus to the bunkhouses. There is so much space everywhere to put your belongings and make sure you have space for every thing you want to bring from home to ensure you enjoy your every trip. The number one complaint most campers have is removed with the storage in the units above and so the number one complaint is removed before you even hit the road. Finally, camp in luxury. Many of these units are nicer than many people’s homes. You have all the luxuries and more. Like a beautiful kitchen, large bathroom, huge master suite up front for privacy for both parents. The bunk room has comfortable beds, tons of floor space to play and have fun in as well. Don’t forget the outside kitchen, you will love it! Most contain a refrigerator, microwave, sink and more storage. It makes it so much fun to have these luxuries outside and you don’t have to walk inside for drinks, snacks and many other interior comforts. You will always love the benefits of owning your own bunkhouse travel trailer whether the manufacturer is Thor or Forest River. Camp in style, camp in luxury, camp with your family. Enjoy the RV Nation and hit the road in style. Bond with your family and be the envy of your friends as you explore this wonderful nation.

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