Careers At RVW

At RV Wholesalers we believe that bringing people together and making lasting memories are very important and that’s what drives us. Our team members have a genuine love for their work and for helping people find exactly what RV they are looking for to start making those memories. We are looking for driven people who are passionate about helping people and good at communicating to achieve that goal.


Sales Consultant:

Our sales team focuses on creating and cultivating relationships with potential customers and helping people find the RV that best fits their needs.


Service Technician:

Our service technicians work hands on to diagnose issues with used campers and motorhomes and fix broken or damaged parts.


Shop Technician:

Our shop technicians inspect new campers from our manufacturers and ensure everything is in working order before it get to the customer. Our shop technicians work in teams with specific responsibilities given to each member. The work is structured and hands on.


Service Representative:

Service representatives talk with customers about issues with their campers and schedule people to have service work done. They work very closely with service technicians to figure out what parts need ordered, submit parts requests, and helps schedule the technician’s day out with work.


Customer Advocate Representative:

Customer Advocate Representatives talk through issues customers are having with their campers and submit claims through the factories for new parts. They work with customers to find a trusted service center nearby to perform the repair. Keeping communication up with the customer is very important


Walkthrough Technician:

RV Wholesalers’ walkthrough technicians go through the customer’s camper with them and explain all the features and how to operate their new camper. These technicians are knowledgeable and can answer any question the customers may have.


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