Warranty Support

Nationwide Service Network

Planning an RV trip … is there anything better than deciding where to go?

The only thing better … realizing anywhere you go, you're entitled to guaranteed service at one of our more then 2,500 service centers all across the US and Canada!

It's all yours when you purchase your next RV from RV Wholesalers! You are immediately enrolled in our RV Wholesalers Nationwide Service Network!

Best of all, there is no more waiting in line at a “local dealer” to have your unit serviced! There will never be another trip where you have to camp without hot water, air conditioning, furnace or any other service. You will never have to wait to have it repaired until you return home and get in line at your local dealer! We simply will not allow our customers to camp without service or wait in line to get things done!

But that’s not all; we also have a full time customer service department to assist you with any issues that require factory assistance. Our RV Wholesalers Warranty Specialists are on hand to assist you via email [email protected] or phone 877-877-4494

We make it easy for you to not only buy from us, but we make it even easier for you to have all your service needs met as long as you own the unit! Don't risk a good getaway being ruined by discovering the hard way that your local dealer cannot get you serviced when you are on the road! We've researched and located the best RV Wholesalers Service Centers all across the US and Canada and all you need to do is just make the call and we take instant care of you!

RV Wholesalers Concierge Service is the icing on the cake! When you have an issue simply give one of our customer service representatives a call at 877-877-4494! We will get you an appointment at our nearest service center. All you need to do is show up get your unit repaired and go on your way.

Remember no matter where you live, camp travel, move or get transferred to RV Wholesalers can guarantee you service!