Paint & Fabric Protection

Platinum Ultimate Plus Protection

Exterior Coverage

Weather-Induced Fading
Loss of Gloss
Hard Water Spots
Ocean Spray
Brake & Rail Dust
Bird Waste
Acid Rain
Tree Sap
Insects Damage
Road Salt
De-Icing Agents (magnesium or calcium chloride)
Accidental Paint Overspray

Interior Coverage

Fast Food
Beverage Stains
Mold and Mildew
Oil-Based Stains
Fading & Discoloration
Cracking of the Dash
Chewing Gum
Blood and Bodily Fluids (including those caused by pets)
Rips & Tears up to 6"
Burns & Punctures up to 1"
Bleaches, Dyes, and Ink
Suns U.V. Rays

Additional Benefits

5 Year Plan
Renewable for Life

Eco Friendly Products

Diamond Ceramic Paint Protection
Leather & Vinyl Protection With Increased U.V. Inhibitors
Fabric & Carpet Protection With Breakthrough Technology
Warrantied Protection Against the Sun's Harmful U.V. Rays
Optional Awning Protection

Covered items subject to change. For specific coverage, please refer to the Platinum Ultimate Plus Protection limited product warranty.