Winnebago Hike FLX Travel Trailer Floorplans

Winnebago Hike FLX Travel Trailers
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Winnebago Hike FLX Travel Trailer (Camper)

Introducing a towable built for beyond. Beyond the beaten path, with offset wheels that pack all the stability of larger towables, but compact enough to go virtually anywhere. Updated exterior styling—built to accommodate active outdoor lifestyles with flexible storage systems - take the HIKE 100 FLX well beyond the expectations of everyday.

Why Buy Hike FLX?
4 integrated technologies support off-grid camping for up to 5 days:
3,000-watt pure sine wave inverter
(1) 200-watt solar panel with 30-amp MPPT
charge controller, plus prep for a portable panel
320-amp-hour UL-listed lithium-ion battery
Truma® AquaGo Comfort+® water heater, VarioHeat™ furance, and Aventa A/C

Winnebago Hike FLX Travel Trailer Camper Video

Hike FLX Review

The Hike FLX by Winnebago RV provides some of the best off-road capabilities out there for off the grid dry camping or just rough terrain towing. With larger lithium batteries and solar panel options, you can dry camp comfortably for longer!