Forest River RV Ibex Travel Trailer Floorplans

Forest River RV Ibex Travel Trailers
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Forest River RV Ibex Travel Trailer (Camper)

The Ibex Travel Trailer by Forest River is a one of a kind camper and a new breed. You've never seen anything like the Ibex Travel Trailer by Forest River RV, which is equipped to take you to the peak of what camping has to offer. The Forest River Ibex Camper (travel trailer) are incredible quality at a very affordable price.

Why Buy Ibex?
✓ Azdel construction
✓ Largest-In-Class Refrigerator on all floorplans
✓ Solar system with large panel, controller, and 1000W inverter

Forest River Ibex Travel Trailer Camper Video

Ibex Review

Ibex travel trailers by Forest River RV are very well designed for both on and off the grid camping. Large knobby tires, exciting, cutting edge exteriors. Laminated side walls for durability included in every Ibex travel trailer (camper). Spacious interiors and incredibly light weight and very affordable. Ibex Campers interiors are very modern and well appointed. Ibex by Forest River RV was designed too simply camp!