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Nexus Viper Class C Motorhome Floorplans

Nexus Viper Class C Motorhomes
25V | 27V | 29V

Nexus RV Viper Class C Motorhome

The Nexus Viper Motorhome is built with you in mind. Whatever you are looking for in a motorhome, Viper has what you need. They have all the amenities that have become standard in motorhomes and are built with very high quality. You won't regret checking out the Viper by Nexus.

Viper Review

The Viper by Nexus is designed to be a step up from the Class B. Considered and Class B+, the Viper has all the things you love in a camper van, but it has a full size camper bathroom and slightly more living space. The Viper has 3 floorplans available and is built with high quality materials to ensure it lasts.